I found that the increasing toxic environment to be a major turn off. There’s sarcasm and there are the toxic jokes that became pervasive. This is in addition to what the OP said and others. I just wish Lemmy had more communities or those that were more than a handful for topics that I might be interested in.

So many things. Dealing with racists and bigots in the “most progressive” “safe space” communities, the fact that the reddit admins were totally fine with right wing terrorists organizing on their platform until it brought them bad press, the fact that if you so much as hint at the existence of transgender people on a major subreddit people will lose their damn minds.

The constant upfront racism, trying to explain why something racist is racist, then getting dogpiled by casual everyday racists. Sarah Silverman was correct in her analysis all those years ago that it’s still ok to be racist towards Asians in America.


For me it was the fact that reddit was propietary and not privacy friendly and I found the lemmy app on fdroid and did research deciding to use it. My only problem for privacy friendly messaging apps or any apps is that sometimes the whole community is just pure privacy and you cant find chill groups or communities where people talk about anything(like element which caused me to switch to Tox which is much simpler to use)but lemmy actually has communities like memes and such that arent all about privacy


I knew reddig just from search-results… never understood, what reddit is and want… sometimes i thought, reddit allows a kind of discussion, then i thought, reddig is a tool to collect bookmarks and let them rate and discuss about…

I never understood, what reddit is. Once i tried to use it, but i wouldn’t register there… so i never used reddit.

Then i found mastodon and pleroma and then the fediverse… and then i stumbled upon one hint to lemmy… and i just installed an instance… just to see, what is this… tried the federation (thanks that i’m allowed to federate with lemmy.ml!!) and was fallen in love with lemmy…

I’m construction a modell-railway scenery, and im active in a club for model railways… and i want to establish lemmy there as another kind of webforum to discuss our topics there, and not any more in siloed $MESSENGER (I was not very successful…:-( )

so i decided to use lemmy for documentation for my modell-railway, for my gardening experiences, for my bicycle-live, for public transport documentation… and so on and publish the links to the postings to my other social media channels… to hope, someone else want share my passion for fediverse, open source and my interests too… i think it will take time to show people why lemmy and the fediverse is much better than their proprietary social-media prisons…

Reddit rate limited me and then suspended my account and I have no idea why

Maybe the algorithm hates you and deems you unsuitable for the hive mind.

My account was 7 years old, but because I always refused to attach an email to my account they must have decided I was bad

Also they have now suspended my account for some reason…

Open-Sourse at the first moment. But Lemmy offer so much more then only being a Reddit in Open-Source.

What else does it offer for you?

Less of brainwashed Westerners spouting pro Western bourgeois and anti socialist propaganda.

Their site redesign was damn heavy for my potato laptop and the old one was unpractical.

Mob mentality.




There’s a lot of good to but when a viable, open and federated alternative popped up, I jumped on it. Really enjoying Lemmy those few minutes I have spare to throw away at procrastination, opinions or praise.


There was an entry on wikipedia with a list of fediverse sites and I went through nearly all of them, generating a random username/password for each. Lemmy was the only one that stuck and I’m left with this atrocious username. It took a little while to delete reddit off the phone but it’s mostly rearview mirror with the exception of a couple rss feeds and libreddit.

Libreddit sounds interesting although I’ve already quit Reddit.

I havent quit anything but my attention will go where i get the most engagement, less noise. As a geek i appreciate the tech, but i wouldnt be here if there was nothing to digest, or if the barrier to good content is too high, which i personally find with mastodon…sidenote I’d be happy if the admin of linernotes.club moved from mastodon to a lemmy instance


US centrism. I tried to unsub from the worst offending communities, but I still am unable to scroll down a page without seeing something obviously only relevant to the US or tainted by yankee culture. posts and comments assume everyone is USian and anyone who isn’t is treated like a foreigner.

It made my mood worse, affecting my daily life. So I cut down, and now I barely go there at all.

I hate this so much. To be honest, Lemmy also has this problem to a lesser degree, but I hope that it will get better once we add improved support for other languages, and once other instances start to grow.

as a US citizen it was one of the first things I noticed on the Mastodon, how non us centric it was. It was refreshing. I remember a lot of cool accounts on my old profile from Radical Town. I think you may have actually been one of the mods there.


Not a mod but I used to be pretty active there. And I would say that English language Mastodon is also often very US centric.

Sadly, almost anything English is US centric

It has started to become a problem, my friend. Have a look https://lemmy.ml/post/59024

I also still lurk on Reddit, as the content and communities are vast. I would love to see Lemmy grow. Whilst I personally haven’t had any negative experiences with Reddit, I am trying to used fed alternatives where ever possible. Actually the smaller communities on both Lemmy and Mastodon have been positives for me, as I am spending less time on them than I did in Twitter and Reddit.

Yup, basically this. Smaller communities are less toxic and also lemmy has no incentive for profit. Reddits literal main goal is to make you scroll as long as possible but lemmy’s only incentive is to create a good expirience. The security is nice aswell :)

well, i’m still lurking on reddit. you can’t really beat it content wise, but i also need another place to hang out and actually have conversations that has not been completely taken over by corporate money like reddit has. too much censorship going on over there. i also remember lemmy reading a while ago that lemmy took a stance towards being anarchist-friendly and anti-fascist. that’s nice to know and I hope it stays this way.


fuck centralized platforms. all my homies hate centralized platforms.

I wish I had homies like that

I still use reddit as it has content lemmy doesn’t.

But yeah I think there is a lot of bots/shills that manipulate the conversation on reddit that doesn’t really happen on lemmy. This will happen on lemmy too if it gets big enough.

Federation is also cool. If lemmy does end up full of bots/shills then someone could make a new instance with some new rules that help to reduce the number of bots (e.g. answer some questions about a post to comment or something).

A loosely moderated place to ask open ended questions

If your post is

  1. Open ended
  2. Not offensive

it’s welcome here!

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