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Shocked CEO in a year: “where did it go wrong”

Customers: points at ads

CEO: “yes, but where did we go so wrong”

Customers: Still pointing

There’s an app for android that does a similar thing called “UntrackMe”

Delicious wisdom. Worth a cross post to !wholesomememes

Well there have been sub’s with almost twice that number of rules…but that user is no longer on Lemmy.

I use the plugin for qBittorrent, so the search is just performed from inside the client. It’s the most seamless torrent setup I’ve ever used. You can see the local IP address results in this screenshot are coming from the jacket server.

Put a question mark on my name once more!

They have links on the bottom of their web page to Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Flikr…I get that thats where people need the most saving but FFS boost the numbers of the good-guys at least

Canada eh? This will go right over the heads of about 80 percent of Lemmy.

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!

Everything except puns

Not true, this was a joke. Its a karma farming technique used in certain sub reddits. Source - I talked to the user about it.

He said he believed it and clarely noted it was just his opinion.

Pretty good read, with some very relevant points thanks.

This is the link where you can subscribe if you are on lemmy[.]ml

There’s been some horrible troll ones in the (negative) high twenties I think.

It may well be a record for a constructive comment though.

Worker to OHS “So rope, or no rope?”

This means at some (super) critical time in 1986 the wind was heading NNW. There must be a strip of abnormal hentai levels right through Belarus too.

weird it links back to this page, but the actual text in my post is as you have written.

How does it look if you click the dots/menu for my post then click, view source?