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Gute Idee, hab den user-agent eben hinzugefügt.

Cool! Ich hab übrigens die letzten Tage ein paar Verbesserungen am crawler gemacht, kannst du dir mal anschauen, und mir sagen was du davon hältst. Oder auch falls du irgendwelche bugs oder feature requests hast.

Lemmy only mirrors text, which takes almost no space at all. What does take a lot of space is media, so mirroring that can fill up your disk really fast. Inthat case, it is necessary to delete old, cached media which can easily be automated.

I think this makes a lot of sense for the local and federated feeds. In fact i opened a very similar issue recently, but only regarding posts from communities. It should be pretty easy to implement the same logic for users as well.

Sure, following hashtags can be done locally on an instance, but its not possible over the activitypub protocol. So it only makes sense if you follow users, and then show their posts with a hashtag as a kind of local search.

There is no previous work on Peertube compatibility, it just happens to use Groups for its channels, which Lemmy also uses for communities. Lemmy cant handle videos, but i might look into that.

Subscribing to hashtags doesnt really make sense. Activitypub groups (which Lemmy uses for communities) work by following an actor, and it then sends all new items to the follower. On the contrary, hashtags are displayed simply by taking all locally known posts which contain that hashtag. There is no way to follow anyone to get all new items for that hashtag, and no way to have moderators or a description for the hashtag, like we have for communities. Its just a very simple and primitive implementation that doesnt work with the data structures that Lemmy uses.

This is a problem with Mastodon, as i described here. It also existed in the initial Lemmy release, but back then you generally replied to comments from lemmy.ml users in lemmy.ml communities, so everything looked fine.

Did you install manually? Then you need to ensure that the ports for lemmy and lemmy-ui are set correctly in nginx config. You also need to apply changes with nginx -s reload

Wow i had no idea. Looks like it could easily take a day to install with all those steps.

Ubuntu even installs the snap service on servers which makes no sense for me.

When fetching a community or post for the first time, votes or comments are not fetched. You can subscribe, and will later receive new content.

Your instance is currently not configured correctly for federation. The following request should return json, but gives error 404: curl -H 'Accept: application/activity+json' https://lemido.freakspot.net/u/lemmy (compare with curl -H 'Accept: application/activity+json' https://lemmy.ml/u/nutomic). The default Lemmy installation has an nginx config which takes care of this.

There were some major bugs with federation that were fixed in Lemmy 0.16. If you tried other instances before that version, it would be worth giving it another try now.

The documentation is outdated then, as most instances use open federation by now. So what you need to do is simply take the url of a community/post on another instance, and paste it into the search bar of your instance. It will get fetched and you can directly interact with it.

This is a good find. It would make a lot of sense for Lemmy to format mentions in that way too. Could you open an issue in the Lemmy repo please?

By the way, the fetch problem you mention is already fixed in this pr (but not yet released).

That could work, but it seems hard to figure out a good value for x. Plus it is likely that there would still be low-quality instances at the top sometimes. A hardcoded list of recommended instances gives much more control.

Free hosting for liberal/mainstream political instance

Lemmy.ml has long had some political conflict among the userbase, especially in communities like worldnews. This is because the instance is composed of both leftists (anarchist/communist) and liberals (those who agree with the mainstream political views in western countries). Additionally, the insta…


Lemmy 0.15.4 released

We just released a new patch which fixes an important federation problem. Due to a mistake in the code, activities were only sent out once, even if delivery failed (e.g. because the target instance is down, or a temporary connection issue). Instance admins should definitely upgrade. …


Signups for weblate.yerbamate.ml are working again

The domain was included in a spam list, which meant that confirmation emails couldnt be delivered, and signup was impossible. Now the problem is fixed, so if you would like to translate Lemmy into your language, register an account and get started. …


Do we really need self upvotes in Lemmy?

I never really thought about the automatic self upvote on Reddit and Lemmy. But after reading this article Dont let me like my own post, i’m wondering if we should just get rid of it. Its not really adding anything, or does it? Plus removing it would slightly si…



A “Lemmy federation map”, showing linked, allowed and blocked instances. …