What opinions you have on the Facebook Rebranding?

You think is Facebook trying to just wash their hands as Facebook itself will become part of a bigger conglomerate created by themselves?..

How many people here has Spanish as main language?

I was interested in creating a Matrix room for Lemmy in Spanish if doesn’t exist already…

My pc is using too much of internet data

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What do you think about breaking encryption to catch criminals?

I find this question tough. Catching criminals is great but what about breaking encryption?..

What is your favorite movie/show?

Name multiple if its too hard to choose just one…

Currently it blanks out the content ( IE the post title, etc ) when you go to a mod removed post, but you will still see the title in the modlog. …

Views on Chinas allies

Lemmys community is in general left-leaning which explains some pro-China views if it comes to discussions. …


Why does Lemmy use a matrix server over an XMPP server?

I heard that XMPP is better for privacy and security over Matrix because of the issues outlined in this article. So I wanted to ask why does Lemmy choose to run a Matrix server over a XMPP server?..

Tracking position bike

Hello everybody, …

What RSS feeds are you subscribed to?

Personally I am subscribed to various news sources. Hacker news top, Luke Smith’s videos and Dark Reading…

Do any of you have your own knowledge base and if so what software do you use?

Personally I have my own Dokuwiki personal wiki served locally on my machine where I keep anything of interest to me and serves as my own personal knowledge base. I might release it to the public one day I’m not too sure. …

What's your favorite book?

Not necessarily a book you can recommend to everyone, just a book you personally like very much. Feel free to mention multiple books if you can’t name just one. …

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