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What the fuck is this guy an dontnameithere


stadt hat schon was… aber nicht so, wie z.b. Wien derzeit gelebt wird.

i setup several aliases

alias ..='cd ..'
alias ...='cd ../../.'
alias ...='cd ../../../.'
alias ....='cd ../../../../.'

and so on…

or is it, that bans from site are not federating? and a banned user and rrmoved postings still on other instances, which are federating this community?

thrn i think its a bug.

there is a lot of Spam-crap in this community...

… are you sure, you want to have all this Spam-posting here?..

toSchmalspur ModulbaugruppeVorstellung

deleted by creator


Die Schmalspur Modulbaugruppe…


i will never understand, why you should put in money an manpower for a new distro, because you dont like the WM of your preferred…

Take Debian… it gives you a plethiora number of DMs and WMs… not even all the best configuration, but its there.

lern how to configure your preferred WM or DM, and use it on Top of a bare Debian Netinstall… Add packages, you need (note what you need!!) and learn hot to build a .deb-Package with dependencies…

Thats a lot of Work, and you can give it back to the community as a congig, and a dependency-package… its enough work for one. you don’t need another distro… take care of a “Flavour” of a big Distro…

Darf ich fragen, was das mit der “Zukunft der Städte, Dörfer oder gar der Welt” zu tun hat?

yes. thats right. but your device even pulls the updates from a friend, even if a common friend together is online… and pulls all the updates our common friend pulled before…


An only-selfhostable social media plattform, working primary offline on your device… It is pull-based not push-based. And it works in the same LAN/WLAN, or by bluetooth, or USB-Memory-Sticks… and for sure over the internet…

Does anybody know something more about this project? It sounds interesting!!..

A very interesting Explanation about Scuttlebutt and the future of the internet… …

Virnns is always 20 years late… 😐

AK-Interactive Farben

Ein polnischer Händler für AK-Interactive Farben, da ich in Österreich bislang noch keinen auftreiben konnte. Die Zustellgebühren von Polen nach Österreich sind günstiger als von Deutschland. …

Geniale Gebäudebaumethode mit Styrodurplatten und Dach aus Klebeband…

Altern eines Holzschuppens

Ich habe ein #Gütermagazin nach den Plänen des Güterschuppens vom Bahnhof #Unterhaus an der #Steyrtalbahn für meinen Bahnhof #Agonitz gebaut. …

Vom Leben gezeichnet – von Marcel Ackle gebaut

Großartige Sammlung in einem Blog, wie man altert, verwittert, begrünt, Häuser baut… …


Farben, Pigmente, Alterungen, Beizen, Stellwerk, Weichenantriebe, Brücken, Geländer, Kanaldeckel, Schachtdeckel, Fremo-Zubehör …

it belonges to where you live and how much water is there…

you can not store water. if it comes out of a mountain, it will run down. if you use it or not. why not using it?

Sekundenkleber der neuen Generation, die nicht auskristallisieren und sogar zum Kleben von Karton geeignet sind. …

thanks for this explanation. i csn understand your decission much better.

speaks flarum activitypub?

In BTRFS if you copy a File to another folder, only the reference is created. The physically information, what IS the file, is still the same. If you use [code]cp --reflink=always[/code] for sure.

So if you make a Snapshot with BTRFS, it’s almost like a hardlink. The file disappears, when the last reference gets deleted. But al reference-files break, if the physically location on the HD breaks.

So… making a snapshot in btrfs is not a backup for me. It is a good way for a fast rollback. It is a good way for deduplication. It is a good way for daily work. But a real backup for me is a physically separated store for the information.

Make snapshots on a computer for fast rollback, or after system upgrade - even here for fast rollback. Or if I’m working on my photos, i do automatically every 10 minutes a snapshot. So a wrong command does only destroy the work of maximum 10 minutes… never the whole work.

But backup… i make differential snapshots and send them with btrfs send/receive to another drive, so the snapshot is pyhsically duplicated on a separate store. One HD can break… i have a backup.

Do you understand, what i mean?

sounds a good idea!

and confirmation at registration-time from an admin…

BTRFS-snapshots only is no backup-method. Only if you send them to an external Store (external HD, SAN, NAS…) In case of deduplication and Copy-On-Write, a snapshot is physically the same store-location as the original. Only the few changed parts of the whole filesystem are stored on another physical place on the same HD.

So if you use BTRFS-snapshots you MUST send/receive the snapshots to another medium, if you want to use snapshots as backup. Data-loss is so a big danger.

ok. making snapshots with btrfs is also no backup-strategy (alone). But sending the snapshot to an external drive or backup-store is a really good thing for making backups. Much faster than doing this with rsync.