Which do you prefer and why for HDD or SDD hard disks ? And how is Ext4 with power failures nowadays ? iirc a few years ago there were issues with Ext3 (Yes, Ext3) and I remember a no barrier option was needed ? Is Ext4 much better ? And what FS do you prefer on usb storage ?

  • @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml
    3 years ago

    I think you understand backup not as the real abstract concept but as a sub-class called “a secure way to make a backup”.

    If you copy a file to other folder to the same hard drive it is still a backup.

    The same happens with the btrfs-snapshots if the idea are for the files or changes you made in an Operating System installation (OpenIndiana with ZFS snapshots made for every system upgrade).

    • Jakob :lemmy:A
      23 years ago

      In BTRFS if you copy a File to another folder, only the reference is created. The physically information, what IS the file, is still the same. If you use [code]cp --reflink=always[/code] for sure.

      So if you make a Snapshot with BTRFS, it’s almost like a hardlink. The file disappears, when the last reference gets deleted. But al reference-files break, if the physically location on the HD breaks.

      So… making a snapshot in btrfs is not a backup for me. It is a good way for a fast rollback. It is a good way for deduplication. It is a good way for daily work. But a real backup for me is a physically separated store for the information.

      Make snapshots on a computer for fast rollback, or after system upgrade - even here for fast rollback. Or if I’m working on my photos, i do automatically every 10 minutes a snapshot. So a wrong command does only destroy the work of maximum 10 minutes… never the whole work.

      But backup… i make differential snapshots and send them with btrfs send/receive to another drive, so the snapshot is pyhsically duplicated on a separate store. One HD can break… i have a backup.

      Do you understand, what i mean?