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Doing backups the easy way. Plugin your USB drive and let the Pika do the rest for you. Features Setup new backup repositories or uses existing ones Create backups locally and remote Save time and disk space because Pika Backup does not need to copy known data again Encrypt your backups List created archives and browse through their contents Recover files or folders via your file browser Pika Backup is powered by the well-tested borg-backup software. Limitations Currently, scheduled backups are not supported. Excluding files from a backup via regular expressions and alike is not implemented yet. Pika Backup is designed to save your personal data and does not support complete system recovery.

I use Firefox and Firefox based browsers for privacy reasons and because I dislike closed source software and I like to see open source grow. You could argue that at work you are another person which maybe does not need so much privacy. Then when you arrive home you are another person with the freedom to use the software you prefer. I think it will be difficult to argue with your IT staff that Firefox will be more secure with a few add-ons and tweaking and that you want more privacy and not get tracked by Google or Microsoft but who knows, maybe they will let you have it.

I guess it depends how large the company or organization is, and how staffed their ICT support is ;) I like the anecdote btw.

I once had an experienced developer bring me her keyboard complaining that it didn’t work and that she required a new one. I noticed the wholesome aroma of chicken soup emanating from the keyboard when she handed it to me. Before I spun around in my cubicle to give her a new keyboard, I asked, “Was it homemade chicken soup?” She paused for a beat and then responded, “Yes, it was.” I gave her a new keyboard and said, “Totally forgivable then.” She walked away smiling.

See also my other new comment about issues

Posting a URL or an image can show a little bit about yourself, but comments and a posted question will show a lot more. Leaving the old posts like they are makes some sense since people can benefit from reading it without a very high chance of giving up your own privacy.

My issues :

  • data scraping and building a profile by others and abuse it
  • risk for doxing due to writing style, grammar mistakes, and content of comments

Reducing CO2 emissions by targeting the world's hyper-polluting power plants
I skipped the article but was quite taken by this comment from here : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27959428 > According to this article just 5% of the world’s power plants account for almost three-quarters of carbon emissions from electricity generation. > I think this may be one of the most encouraging bits of news about AGW that I've seen in a long time. 5% of electric power plants (about 1500 plants) is a lot, but it's a manageable lot. This gives us a clearly defined area of attack with a very high ROI. It seems to say: if we're going to get serious about saving ourselves, start here and go all in. The paper lists the top 10 polluting plants... unsurprisingly many of them are in China and India, but at least one is in Germany. If Germany wants to set an example, there's where to start.

Will people provide tools to decrease digital footprint for users on Lemmy instances ?
Some time ago there was dismay on Mastodon (and Pleroma ?) instances about data scraping. Before that happened there were privacy concerned people automatically deleting their own toots, limiting them for example to the latest toots for thirty days. With Lemmy things are different since Lemmy is a link aggregator rather than micro blogging, and Mastodon has boost option (Called replay with Pleroma ?). However deleting your older comments (but not posts) automatically would be really nice for privacy reasons.

Cheat-sheet for comparing AP software re: features and ideas ?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/75408 > More and more software pops up, like https://bonfirenetworks.org/ and the hometown software of friend.camp admin. Is there an overview somewhere that shows the initial ideas, features and future wish-list features of Fediverse AP software ? For example, Pleroma seemed to have been started by coders who were fed up with some Mastodon restrictions (or bloat maybe). They have later build in ssh and gopher (and BBS alike) support. > > Apart from this for my own curiosity it is an idea to make a comparison sheet for people who like to self host. For example, click on self host on VPS or SBC at home, then when the user clicks on SBC only light weight options would be shown (not Mastodon). Such a sheet could make it easier for people to self host. Or is that already available ?

How to enable medium or hard block with uBlock Origin ?
How to put UBO in medium mode ? I cannot figure this out from the docs. And how to disable or enable certain domains like one could do with the discontinued uMatrix, from animated *figs* this looks possible ?

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/75402 > I thought PipeWire was a better audio support for Linux, but in development. What is the thing about screen sharing for Jitsi Meet ?

Part 1 of a series that is at number 11 now.

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  • link inserted for linguistic confusion – ConfuseUs once said : “Every deleted comment has had its value”

Self hosted Gitea sounds great. Thanks for the suggestions!

That’s nice ! I do not know enough about hard disks and smartmontools to say whether this means you can continue the disk without worrying. I like smartmontools for work to tell me when a disk is about to need replacement but I’ve always found interpreting smartmontools numbers too difficult to grasp. Hopefully someone else can give you more hints. And making a habit of making backups is something which has become a second nature for me. I am still amazed about learning how many non tech people never make backups of their phones and computers.

Yeah github sucks.

I think Github was fine from a technology point of view, and with web browser experience it is (just like Gitea) still much better than Gitlab which is kind of useless to read without allowing JavaScript till … Microsoft bought it. I do make some efforts to not get tracked so much by GAMAFC and like to keep it this way.

Would be really cool if there was a less involved way to submit bug reports and patches.

Fully agree!

Your screen shot shows uncorrectable sector count : 0 which looks fine. Can you run the command line tool badblocks ? By default that will use non destructive options, so you can run (from the top of my head) : badblocks -v /dev/sda for example on the sda disk. https://www.man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/badblocks.8.html

I’ve tried Lumina recently on NixOS and it looks neat and light weight! Trinity could be a nice retro desktop for the early KDE users (I remember when KDE started with Gnome DE following as a reaction).

Running badblocks tool and a long smartmontools test and examine the output is my recommendation. My experience is that both are not always showing the same results. “Modern” hard disks try to deal with bad sectors magically, until a limit is reached. If you are getting near the limit with rapid velocity then it makes sense to have backups and replace the disk.

Nice way of putting this topic on the agenda again ! :-) Months ago I’ve written about the bug that people can add a comment and then delete it right away as a very quick way to boost posts. I know I should file a bug report for that on the place where bugs are expected to file, but so far I have not bothered signing up at Github with some “anonymous” email address. I hope others will file these kind of bug reports.

Haiku was inspired by BeOS, a now defunct OS which was started by a former Apple employee. There were more OS-es inspired by BeOS but Haiku is still going strong. The amount of applications is not huge compared to for example Linux, Android and other popular OS-es, but having a web browser which is in active development is a good thing. See here part of their FAQ : https://www.haiku-os.org/about/faq/#is-there-an-instant-messenger-client Another imho interesting OS to keep an eye on is Redox. https://redox-os.org/

Ouch :( Make sure to remind them that this Friday is the yearly Happy Sysadmin Day! ;)

Yes, that was very impressive. A precious moment for FLOSS and privacy and a sign that more people care about their choices than before.

Suggestions https://disroot.org/en/services/email and click on the signup button at the left, and https://tchncs.de where you need to contact the friendly admin and ask.


Your opinion on free SSL certificates from ZeroSSL and Buypass ?
acme.sh will switch from Let's Encrypt to ZeroSSL as default CA in August. What do you prefer and why ?

I'd like to make an effort to minimize my digital footprint, and have some software run with a cronjob on a Rpi to delete all toots older than 30 days. What software do you recommend ?

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Wallpaper Downloader
Wallpaper Downloader can automatically download and set wallpapers for you. Supported sites include: DeviantArt, Wallhaven, Bing Daily Wallpaper, Social Wallpapering, WallpaperFusion, DualMonitorBackgrounds.

TIL : pre-installed Linux laptops maybe more of a common thing
Wow. The probably most popular on-line shop in Holland and Belgium is selling Linux laptops, with currently a choice of twenty laptops with Linux preinstalled, prices go from about 500 to over 3000 Euros. They usually partner with other companies to deliver the products. The names of these Linux laptops companies were unknown to me till today. (Not wanting to "spam" in favor of them, only wanting to share this development, but if you want to fact check, try "linux laptop kopen" without the "" in Duckduckgo, and choose Belgium for country, and you will probably see that big name as the first hit).