just had a thought about some of my habits on lemmy and other social media. i tend to read a post or the article attached, comment, and then read the other responses.

not sure if it even matters or introduces any biases before reading something but i think it’d be interesting to note how other lemmings loiter on the internet!

I always read all of the comments first. I very rarely comment myself, because very often, what I have to say has already been said. The power of the collective!

bro i dont read the articles or even the text of the post. i see your post doesnt have a tldr so i have no idea what you went rambling about. i can only assume it is because you think i should read all the comments before replying. ha. this aint skool


If the article/post is thought-provoking enough to make me want to comment, then I typically don’t read others’ comments first. Not because I want to avoid some bias, though that seems to be the case so thanks for pointing that out, but because I’m just eager.


It depends on how many comments there are. If I can glance over them quickly, I will. Or I just look at a top-rated comment to gauge if I can add something meaningful to the discussion


Generally I will glance over the post and then read the comments. Although on https://news.ycombinator.com/ I generally don’t tend to read the posts and just read the comments.

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