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It depends on how many comments there are. If I can glance over them quickly, I will. Or I just look at a top-rated comment to gauge if I can add something meaningful to the discussion

Facebook forever ruined the word Meta for humankind

No, I’d rather want more fillings than bread

All there’s left is disguising that really only the brand changed

How to share confidential information?

I’m using Signal, but after I found out that it’s not as privacy-friendly as it claims, I’m uneasy about sharing my address there. I trust the person who asked for my address, but not the service. What’s a safe way to share? I was thinking of something like a self-destructing pastebin, but surely yo…

YouTube Audio is a neat extension, which I also use btw (since YT is my main source of music). And if you listen to a track repeatedly at different time intervals, it’s certainly the more data-efficient approach to download it once and for all

I’d say asklemmy for every question that doesn’t fit in any other category (existing community) without much thinking, or not in any other somewhat popular community at least

a megaphone makes it look like we all have no clue AND we’re shouting at each other tho

Am using a simple notes app & an old-fashioned paper calendar, but noticing that I use the latter less and less in favor of the app

wikihow illustrations make up their own meme genre by now

I’d like it if the 3 Lemmys could have question marks over their heads

/edit: or only 2 Lemmys, and the one in the middle has an exclamation mark

should be, unless you’re like that woman

fun fact: “f****t” used to refer to women (probably those who carried bundles of fags, i.e. twigs, on their backs)

add to that all the content a library can hold and we’re only getting started… filtering was way less of an issue back then for sure

Having a fixed schedule sure helps, but if there is none, one should only sleep when truly tired. Forcing yourself to sleep if your body hasn’t given the “sleep signal” is a bad idea (in the long run, aim at sleeping by night only though, not including naps that is).

If the reason of insomnia are unsettled issues, however, of course solving those has priority… which becomes more difficult if you’re sleep-deprived, so the best advice is probably training your mind to rest your thoughts before going to sleep, as in “tomorrow’s another day where I’ll get another chance at resolving stuff”, it’s no use beating yourself up when you really need to rest above anything else. Otherwise you end up in a vicious cycle of bad days and not being able to sleep due to a bad day.

while I appreciate your efforts of trying to improve lemmy, let’s not forget the advantages it has. imo a format like this is more focused than any classical chatroom can ever truly be, resembling more a bulletin board & providing a much needed alternative to the abundance of more or less chaotic group chats without any real structure, where it’s mostly the group name that sets the topic

[Biologists] “have proposed a new category called “neonatives,” which would consist of species that have moved at least 100 kilometers (or a few hundred meters in altitude) beyond their historic ranges (as established in 1950), in response to environmental changes”…