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I kind of wish that when I respond to a comment in my inbox, that it doesn’t just disappear after I submit it. I usually want to click the context button after I respond. It’s just a little pet peeve and not really much of an issue, but I digress.

I’ll poke around a little bit. I’m just curious.

Thought this was going to be a collection of default wallpapers for various linux distributions. Kinda disappointing.

Thoughts on total upvotes?
I'm not sure if this has been asked yet, but what are your thoughts on the profile page displaying the total number of post and comment upvotes (separately)? All opinions are welcome. I just want to hear perspectives, I don't particularly advocate for either way.

Can you be more specific about what you want to do? This title is gibberish to be honest.

Oh no I get what you’re saying. Most people have been using windows or mac operating systems since they were in grade school, so it is super natural to know how to do these things, but when I mess around with linux I quite often find myself googling simple things. Linux just does things differently. Just like windows and mac os do things differently as well.

This was actually quite fun to watch because we’ve all had to google how to do basic things here and there in Linux.

Because my goal with the law would be that at the end of primary, they know a single language really well. Spanish is the most common second language in the US.

In the United States, I would require spanish language education alongside english from 1st grade through 12th.

Edit: If you downvoted this, tell us why, you coward.

It’s like shooting your OS in the face with a pistol, turning to the camera, and asking why Linux is like this?

There is high voltage electricity coursing through gas stations at any given time. There is not real concern here.

iPhone apps track you even if you ask them not to
Not really all that surprising, but it's not to see that it's being actively investigated. I also highly recommend Lockdown on iOS. I tried to use an archive for this article but all the services returned "access denied" prompts. > Among the apps Lockdown investigated, tapping the don’t track button made no difference at all to the total number of third-party trackers the apps reached out to. And the number of times the apps attempted to send out data to these companies declined just 13 percent.

I also uninstalled the app after realizing how much slower it is on iOS compared to Remmel. Can’t attest to data usage between the two though.

I can’t tell, but I think you’re just making arguments for the sake of arguing. You’re not really making a point.

Positives: cool way to express your reaction.

Negatives: none. It’s all profit baby.

That actually worked well, except that it requires you to search for something, which I didn’t know exactly what my comment was about, but it worked after guessing a couple tries. Thanks for the recommendation.

Yeah Linux has always been someone to beat up on in the gaming space (rightfully so in some aspects), and this at the end of the day, is just good content for their viewers.

Sorting comments by community
Don't know if anyone else cares about something like this, but I needed to find a reference I used in a comment a long time ago. I scrolled through several pages before I found it. I wonder if there would be interest in being able to sort comments in your profile page by community. Similar to how you can sort by other metrics now. Any thoughts? It could be a terrible idea for all I know.

To iterate your point, I downvoted this comment after reading the first sentence. All love though lol

KDE Neon brought me back to linux
I've had lots of issues in the past with Ubuntu LTS's having random system crashes, etc., that kept me away from using linux as my daily driver for work and personal use. I saw a recommendation for KDE Neon, and it just works. I don't pretend to know what kind of black magic these devs have used in their basements, but I've used it for a week and haven't experienced a single crash or other oddity (something that would happen almost daily on Ubuntu). Works out of the box, looks okay, and performs wonderfully. That's all I really have to say. Anyone else have recent experience with KDE Neon and want to share?

I came across this while browsing the web in Grand Theft Auto IV. Kind of humorous to be honest.