Is there anything similar to a QR code that works offline?

Say I have a flyer that I want to discreetly distribute and there is no internet.

Is there something like a QR code that contains the data itself and not just a URL?

This way someone with no data plan could scan the icon/code with an app and the unrecognizable bits and bytes from the icon/code would show up on their screen as a .JPEG of a flyer or something.

  • Jakob :lemmy:A
    52 years ago

    Funny guy… Put an image in a QR-code om a Picture…

    If i want to keep thy flyer itself, i can take a photo from this flyer… up to as many megapixels as my camera can do. On qrcode i only need an *.ics file, to add the apointment to add it easy to my calendar…

    If i want the flyer too… i can add a photo as attachment to the calendar-event…

    • @Gmork@lemmy.mlOP
      32 years ago

      Ha! Yeah. When said like that it does sound kind of funny.

      I understand what you are saying, but this is to make it discreet. This way people don’t exactly know what it is until they scan it.

      Basically I posted some flyers around work and got quite a rise out of everyone. When management found them they tore them all down.

      There are QR codes all over the factory that I work at. So I wanted something that could blend in. Something that I could deploy on the back of stall doors in the bathrooms and on the sides of machinery and equipment that employees would discover over time and management would have a hell of a time finding them all.

      Then when they think they have found them all I can go back and slap stickers on everything again.

      My current QR code is linking to a telegram channel for employees to join, but I really wanted something with some permanence. So that’s why I was hoping I could encode information directly into a QR code and not just a URL.