I found this site, there you can bypass paywalls… what do you think about? Do i lose my Privacy frome one beast to only another one?

  • Arthur Besse
    12 years ago

    From their heading “Show me a 10ft paywall, I’ll show you a 12ft ladder.” i was hoping this would be a sci-hub like site that let users with access share pages with people without access.

    Sadly instead it is just using the Google cache, so, it can only bypass paywalls on sites that give google the whole text (where you could also just search google for the title of the article and click “cached version”). Vaguely useful, but you could also just have a bookmark with a keyword you could insert in the location bar before a paywalled url to do the same thing. I wonder how many IPs they need to use to keep from getting rate-limited by Google, and how they pay for the operation of this proxy, and why. I notice that they don’t have a privacy policy.