Governmental cloud PaaS,
cross-posted from: > could you please throw here your opinion on the matter? > > for me, 2 main aspects > > the business one, PaaS model > the goverment entity

Why is Protonmails Email app not on F-Droid?
I am going to visit Protonmails headquater, when they wont make the change in the next coming months.

Another day to make disappointment in 'privacy protecting Odysee'

Nice to see a bill be introduced that bans targeting ads beyond the city level. > The Banning Surveillance Advertising Act is backed by a coalition of Democrats in the House and Senate. The privacy bill would specifically ban “protected class information, such as race, gender, and religion.” But it would also forbid the use of information gleaned from third-party data brokers in targeted advertising, a move that could wipe out that industry entirely. In addition to the Democrat support, the bill is backed by several privacy services (notably Protonmail and Duck Duck Go) and rights organizations such as the Electronic Privacy Information Center and Common Sense Media.

Signal vs Telegram
What is better for privacy? Signal or Telegram? I know XMPP is better then both of them.

cross-posted from: > I need to get payrange laundry app for laundry at my college, but I'm running a degoogled phone, and it doesn't pop up in aurora store

I've seen a lot of talk about privacy minded chat clients on here but a search did not bring up Tox. I have been delving into the Gemini protocol ( and a few folks there have listed Tox for contact. Anyone have thoughts on this? It's encrypted, peer to peer, FOSS, and requires no signup.

There is this tool called [age]( written in go and a fully compatible Rust implementation called [rage]( They promise to be a simple tool for encrypting files and other things. It only does encryption, using public key cryptography (Curve 25519 or SSH keys) or password based symmetric encryption. *(Please excuse me glossing over some details here)* It only encrypts things, no signatures beyond [AEAD]( involved. It aims to be minimalistic and do just one thing reasonably well instead of being a mediocre multi tool. It doesn't aim to be a full replacement for things like OpenPGP. AFAICT there hasn't been a proper security audit yet. There seem to be some issues with the design as pointed out [here]( which don't look like critical flaws to me, but then again I'm not a cryptography expert. Some of the questions I want to throw into the discussions are: * Is it any good? * In which situation would you use it? * What are some alternatives that do it differently or maybe even better and why is that? Bonus question: Is there a similar tool that uses an audited library like libsodium, and if not, would it be worth developing one?

I tried to find videos on these Reflectacles but only came across this one, I’ve been wanting a pair but do you guys think their worth it for the 64-164 dollar price tag. How much will they actually help.

LIKE OIL LEADS TO GLOBAL WARMING... DATA LEADS TO SOCIAL COOLING If you feel you are being watched, you change your behavior. Big Data is supercharging this effect. This could limit your desire to take risks or exercise free speech. Over the long term these 'chilling effects' could 'cool down' society. This is how it works:

How can I upload a video and retain my anonymity?
I want to record my screen while I talk, but I would like to distort my voice like they do in the anonymous videos, to retain my anonymity. How can I do that? I'd rather not use a TTS engine as it would be difficult to synchronize the sound with the video of the screen. I just want to distort my voice enough so that people close to me couldn't tell it's me, assuming they aren't experts and manage to reverse the voice distortion. And how do I share the video online without leaking my IP? And, in a not so private way, what about real time streaming? I've seen a person who changed his voice and image so that it seemed as if Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy was talking to you.

Do you use different emails and how do you organize them?
Also, do you use disposable emails? What for? I have a lot of emails made with simple login and I use the same one only for three websites. Then I get all emails forwarded to the same email, and an email for personal use (family, work, friends...) also forwarded to that one. So something like this: ``` o o o o personal \ | / / | / | / o ```

Do you use extensions on Tor browser?
I like to use Tor for everything except streaming videos. But I have it setup with a few add-ons to make it a more pleasant browsing experience. I know it increases fingerprintability, so I wanted to know in case you use Tor browser on a regular basis, do you use any extensions? Do you feel the trade-off in privacy is worth it?

[Announcement], a guide to privacy, data ownership & sustainable tech
Hey Lemmy! We've released [](, a beginner's guide to free and open source software, privacy and sustainable tech. The site is available in English, French and German. We hope that it can help some of you to: * safely browse the Internet * encrypt your conversations * protect your data * switch to Linux * free your phone from Google & Apple * join the Fediverse & use alternative cloud providers * self-host your stuff The source code is available on [GitLab]( Happy to chat, let us know what you think! For more information, please come find us at []( :) -- PS: We are 100% non-profit: no ads, no tracking, no sponsored or paywalled content.

is biolife plasma privacy invasive?
**is biolife plasma privacy invasive?** Are they going to sell your dna like dna testing kits?

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