Majority of urban cities are designed with cars as the central requirement. And barely takes the human aspect in consideration, this one particularly is anprome aspect of that


So they made the main streets a proper grid, and then put strange nonsensical snakes inside each of the huge blocks.

And the saddest part is, if they wanted to, they could turn each of those squares into superblocks like what Barcelona did, without even changing the main street structure. They’re about 800 m each which is on the bigger side but still fairly walkable. But they’re all suburbs with single family detached houses so there’s no way you’re getting around without a car.

If you mean the non-straight streets in the blocks: That’s how every road in Europe is made. This is not better for cars, this is better and nicer for humans. Cars are forced to drive slower that way.

The only issue is that those blocks are all single family detached housing, which is the worst possible type for walkability and non car dependence.

Wow, I just took a look at a satelite map of that part of Vancouver. Holy hell… this is absolutely awful. Just houses and roads, almost no green, except for some trees that are captured in asphalt.

This is indeed awful. I thought these are houses with gardens around them. :(

As always in North America, blame the HOAs and neighbourhood management companies for that. I’m sure plenty residents would love some gardens and trees. The notion that if you have a detached house you can do whatever you want with it is a complete and utter lie.

It’s also harder to cool/heat and has 4 walls exposed to the elements…

Yup! Exposed surface area is the biggest factor in HVAC efficiency. That’s why apartments are more energy efficient.


Whatever I love Richmond. Its very old

This is Richmond, BC. In Canada. On the car dominated hell that is the West Coast. Not Richmond, Virginia.


Oh derp

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