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Here’s an alternative repo on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/89luca89/distrobox/

I wish they maintained a third mirror on a self-hosted repo or a Gitea instance tho

US and New Zealand apparently

Reminder that Bayer said that Heroin is “nonadditive” and “suitable for children.”

In 2020, I found out that my normal level of human interaction is called “social distancing”.

Right up until the non-replacable battery (yes. in a goddamn thermostat) dies in a year and you have by a new one.

To be fair, a lot of people seem to be asking for this.

Better than Colorways at least

Future generations be like: born too late to live on Earth, born too early to explore fuck all because everything is on fire.

Or maybe that’s our generation.

Sure, but the vast majority of Peertube videos are under open licenses like Creative Commons, and I’m pretty sure you need to agree to having your video be torrented in the Peertube TOS when you upload. Basically, most videos made for Peertube is specifically meant by the creator to be shared in this way.

Of course, this wouldn’t apply to if someone uploaded a pirated movie or show, but seeing how regular torrents for those are everywhere, I doubt they’re having much luck taking them down. Think at best they’d be able to DMCA the home Peertube instance and get the main copy and listing taken down.

I think Occam’s Razor would apply in that case. And the secular theory requires fewer assumptions.

Which is another thing. Why do we need to plant domestic grasses everywhere? Clovers are a native species to North America (where I live), don’t need mowing, don’t need fertiliser, barely even need watering outside of rain, makes flowers that are good for local pollinators, and have longer roots which are better for the soil and reduce erosion. Oh but they’re “weeds” are they?

The gardening company my townhouse complex contracts with uses gas powered leaf blowers (and other tools), and the goddamn fumes are nauseating, even inside. Guess it’s our fault for having the audacity to open the windows in the middle of the day, in spring. They’re so loud too, and they rev up and down so you can’t even tune them out. They also leave their tools idling when they go on break for some reason, just burning fossil fuels for the hell of it.

Congratulations, you made gardens bad for people and the environment!

“Capitalism is like a choke collar. Cruel and unnecessary.”