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See: the covid-19 food market crash where farmers poured bleach on meat and vegetables, burned grains, and poured milk into sewers because they didn’t want to sell at a low price, and hoped that by artificially limiting supply, the price will go back up.

This is the same strategy that DeBeers diamonds or oil cartels use. But because food is perishable and can’t be hoarded like oil and diamonds, they “had” to destroy it.

Ah yes. The halting problem of English.

Actually, are languages Turing complete? I feel like they’re complex and interactive enough to be. Searching it up only gave results about programming languages, not human languages.

It’s ridiculous that the lesson is always “if it’s not safe, don’t cross the street.”

How about if it’s not safe for pedestrians, don’t fucking drive!

Russia didn’t pass a law saying than anyone could kill Ukrainians with hunting rifles.

Russia didn’t pass a law preventing their own citizens from receiving humanitarian aid from Ukraine.

Russia didn’t pass a law saying that any surrender to Ukraine is punishable by death.

I wonder who did.

Worst are the apps that don’t work if you don’t grant them every permission.

Actually no. Don’t work implies that the permission is necessary for the app’s primary function. Granted, there are legitimate cases of that, like a camera app needing camera access or an texting app needing SMS access. But, dear app developers, your transit locator app don’t need location access to work! I can do this nifty little thing where I tell you where the fuck I am by typing in a location!

This is the way I see it. If free Wi-Fi calms you when there’s a delay, you were never going to be bothered that much by it. The only time that would work is if you were probably not doing anything time sensitive. If a train delay made me late for the med school entrance exam or something I actually cannot afford to be late for, I’m probably not being consoled by free Wi-Fi, in fact, I’d see it as an insult because I’d realize they could have spent that money improving the actual system and maybe this delay never would have happened.

A study can pretty easily conclude this because most people mad at delays aren’t actually being seriously detrimented by delays, they’re just inconvenienced. But the biggest problem with delays is not the inconvenience.

I mean, you’re not. Chances are they’re “partnering” with a private data company and that’s where your data is going!

Or, it’ll track you and figure out when you’re desperate for a ride and jack up the prices. Airlines already do this, transit is the next logical step!

Public Transit orgs: Hey commuters, what do you want most?
Commuters: Better service frequency Transit: Do you want Wi-Fi on all the busses and trains? Commuters: We want more busses and trains Transit: You want RGB accent lights at the stations? Commuters: Just don’t make me wait an hour at that station Transit: How about colour LCD screens displaying the next stop? Commuters: Spend that money on more vehicles! Transit: We could have a McDonald’s right at the platform! Commuters: Fuck it we’ll just drive.

Wait, a pedestrian-child collision resulted in a fatality? How hard was the guy’s stride?

Also, holy shit a child is more likely to die from a collision in a car than walking?!

Also also, this data is from 2020, during the pandemic when a lot of people were isolating and not going out. One can only imagine that the typical numbers are much higher.

Something I found really interesting was that a lot of the techniques resembled modern code injection, where user input was being mistakenly interpreted as a control signal from the system itself, kind of like forgetting to escape your SQL statements.

A good solarpunk should also include working from home as an option for any job that you can work from home on, and any good economic system should protect workers including their right to paid sick leave if they’re feeling unwell, as well as make service jobs like getting your groceries or food delivered not exploitative as fuck so you you’re not super morally conflicted when you need it.

Might just be the types of solar punk communities I used to frequent (and have since left) then.

That was just an example, feel free to replace Tesla with any EV manufacturer.

My biggest issue with solar punk is that people think they don’t have to change anything unsustainable about their lives because the tech will fix everything. “I don’t have to take the bus, I’ll just wait for Tesla’s new electric car that had ivy growing out of it!”

Also, the corset in the community pic. Dead giveaway. No one who respects women and want to engage in informative discussions with them is using that as the icon, as their first choice, for their community.

Traffic lights or even street lights (for actual streets) isn’t the issue here, the giant parking lot with hundreds of lights illuminating nothing is the issue.

Bees: everything in the center but also honey.

https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abn7950 And we're on track to exceeding it. https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-022-04553-z