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Why do you think so? With a cargo bike, the weight is always to be moved whenever you lean to the sides. The bike itself weighs more because you have to create the structure that holds the cargo on a longer bike: higher weight and longer lever (technically speaking) means you have to make everything two times stronger, not just one time stronger.

Also, a trailer gives you the possibility to get through narrow edges better, because it can move. With a cargo bike, you have one long non-bending bike. Also, you can disconnect the trailer and use your hands to get the trailer to the offloading site, be it indoors or somewhere else, where bikes might not reach that easily.

I seriously only see benefits. I’ve yet to read from someone to show benefits of cargo bikes. I’ve had this discussion quite a few times, but that never happened.

I personally don’t really understand the hype for cargo bikes. Sounds to me like something that can be sold because it’s a novelty. A regular bike with good (!) bags can carry quite a lot, and a bike with a trailer even more. And it is modular, meaning that you can just disconnect the trailer or the bags, and you have a regular bike that weighs way less. Also, with a trailer, you don’t have to balance the weight, and they can have additional brakes.

I just don’t see the benefit of cargo bikes over bikes with modular equipment.

It may be offtopic, but out of interest: I see the “mod” sticker right next to your name. With Reddit, every mod has to post their comment and then click of “mod-comment” afterwards. Otherwise, the comment appears as a regular user comment without any sign of the user being a mod. Is it the same here on Lemmy, or is the “mod” sticker always there?

How come we don’t riot yet?

  • I guess because a part of society still wants to become the abusing part and works hard to achieve that goal. It is my opinion that these are typically people on the scale of the anti-social disorder, meaning that they have a lesser compassion, some even have none. That is meant literal. This can actually be physically measured and is a real thing. For anyone interested, look up “mirror neurons”.
  • Another part of society suffers from learned helplessness and is just doing whatever they are told - the school system prepares a lot of people to be like that. (See below for more of my personal view on this.)
  • And then there’s the part of society that can’t be fooled and wants to riot, but is prevented by the first group, supported by the second group. Some estimates say that the first group is roughly 20%, the second group is roughly 60%, and the third group is roughly 20%. Though, this is really not something that is established. But I fear it might be correct.

If this is indeed so, then we are royaly fucked. I have no idea how to solve this. I have some ideas, but… damn. This problem is so fucking huge…

Right now I’m leaning towards working with children. I was working in the mechanical engineering business before, but I recognized that the products that are created are not making the world a better place, but are abusing the human being and fuck our environment. I realized that the chance of working at a good place is rather slim, so I turned elsewhere. I always like to play with kids, and wanted to become a child carer in my youth, so I tried it out and it was perfect for me. Over time, I learned more about society and children, and it became my opinion that one way to combat these problems is to be there for kids. To love them how they are, to not pressure them into molds, to let them play and live out their natural motivation.

I wanted to say a bit more about the school system. I mean… we all have gone through 10 years of “don’t ask questions, just do, like everyone else in class - if you don’t, you’ll have consequences”. That is one fucking hell of constant shaping and molding. I worked in an elementary school for two years. I’ve seen my share of children suffering there, after at first being eager to enter school, because everyone told them it will be good and nice there, and that the kids will be more grown up there. The first few weeks are typically awesome for the children. Then the horror sets in. They don’t want to draw the same letters again. They already did it, and they think they’re already good at it - and they are mostly right about it. But, of course, everyone has to work through the same sheets. They ask their parents and their teachers why they have to do it. The answer is like that:

“We understand that this is not fun. We also had to do it when we were young. We did not want to do it, too. We can not explain to you why we are doing it like this, because we don’t know ourselves. You MUST suffer through this, just as we did. There is no way around it.”

Of course, not literally that anwer, but that’s the basis of it. Children realize that this is really bad, but… it can’t be changed. Some children ease rather quickly in their destined mold and will get good grades. They will end up in the second group. Some children can’t deal with the situation and suffer greatly from it. They will get bad grades. Some of them will not forget this and end up in the third group, but some will suffer themselves into their molds and end up in the second group. And then, of course, there is the first group, and even when we see children as something innocent and peaceful, there indeed were children who were clearly abusive and manipulative. “Do my homework for me, or we won’t be friends anymore.” These things happen, and worse.

One example I’ve noticed, which still lingers in my mind: There was a girl that was rather young for school. She was just 5 and a half when she started school. Regular age is 6-7. But she was really clever. She was really eager to joing school. She loved to count, she loved to do maths, and she loved to play physical puzzles with me. She had an outstanding three-dimensional imagination. A gifted child with a lovingly happy soul. She lit the room with her smile and her motivation.

Just 2 months into school, and that motivation flew out of the window. She hated school. Do the same shit over and over again - even if she already knew how to do it? She couldn’t understand why, and people couldn’t give her a response that makes sense. What is this shit that is happening? Why are people here so dry and sad? When it came to using substraction, she could not do it at all. I’m absolutely sure that she is not too dumb for that. Not at all. She just didn’t want to learn a new thing, which she then had to do over and over again, without anyone explaining to her… why?

Damn, this poor girl. She must be in third grade now. I hope she will end up in the third group. We need clever and motivated people in that group.

There was one story where this was quite literally the case: A group of people working in a state organisation to check on taxes in the context of high profile companies like big banks and all that found out that there is something going on in one of the main banks in that area. They started to focus their work on that bank. That’s exactly their kind of work. That’s what they are supposed to do. Then, people in that group were actively drawn away from that case in rather obvious ways by their superiors. One dude continued to work in that direction, and actively tried to fight the apparent corruption that was ever more obvious to him.

In the end, his superior (also a state official, not from a private company or something) sent him to a psychiatrist to check if he was fit to work, and of course the result was that he was “not sane” and not fit to work. Everybody distanced themselves from him. His coworkers, and even his wife. Not because they thought he’s insane. But because they knew what’s happenening, and everybody just wanted to continue their life without being in the focus of powerful people. Understandable, but still…

It took years of hard work with lawyers to overturn that diagnosis. The psychiatrist got a slap on the wrist, and that’s it. If you’re interested in that case, search for “Rudolf Schmenger” and “Kommerzbank”.

I have depression since 10 years. A lot of professionals diagnose a lot of bullshit, honestly. I’m not saying this lightly. But I have to say this after being in my situation, and visiting doctors of multiple different professions.

I frequented a psychiatric ambulance at the beginning of my illness. I had appointments there, diagnosing sessions. Due to multiple reasons (illness of one therapist, pregnancy of another therapist, and meeting the head therapist), I had 4 people diagnosing me, from the same unit, in the same building, all working as collegues.

  • The first thought I’m depressed because of my alcohol problems, because that’s the first thing she asked about, and of course the first thing I’ve answered. I told her that I don’t even drink anything anymore, because my current illness (then it wasn’t known if it is depression) makes me incredibly sleepy and nauseous just from one single beer. She took my answer as a lie, and therefor I was an alcoholic who tries to act he’s not one.
  • The second one thought that I was depressed because I used cannabis 8 years prior to that. It’s obvious that cannabis causes this, the therapist suggested. So, again, the diagnose was quick, and based on the first issue she heard about, because that was how that dialog was going - by pure chance.
  • The third one was sure that it was my heroin addicition I had for 1.5 years, 12 years prior. It was again obvious to that therapist, and it was again the first thing she asked.
  • The fourth one simply said I’m an impostor, because I told her that I nearly fainted when I heard a joke that was too funny, and that I never experienced that before. She simply stated that she doesn’t know what would be wrong with a joke. Laughing is good, she said, and not a sign of depression.

That was my first experience with therapists. It was a load of fucking bullshit. It sadly took 8 more years, and a lot of stupid therapists and doctors, to find one who could actually help me. And she only took 2 sessions to find out that I do not only have depression, but also generalized anxiety. She deduced that from me telling her which body parts of mine hurt the most when being very quickly exhausted from attempting to doing sports.

All other professionals simply told me that I shouldn’t be so lazy and do more sports. I always told them that I never had an issue with being unfit, muss less nearly fainting from laughing, or getting visual glitches when walking for 10 minutes (really meant literal), and that I can’t do sports because my current conditions doesn’t let me.

Nearly all of them. Really, almost every single doctor and professional, made me feel like shit and suggested that I’m just lazy and that I want to avoid doing sports. They were all wrong, and honestly, most were assholes about it. I’m quite grumpy about this.

Professionals don’t have much time, and they do indeed want to help. One way to look in the mirror and think of yourself as a person who also does his best and is able to help all his patients is this way: Whenever there’s a patient where you have no idea how to help them - just tell yourself that patient is faking it. Done. This way, you don’t have to take time to actually find a solution, while securing the desired status of the all knowing god in white.

It sucks, but that’s what I think is going on.

The majority of westerners have lost their fucking minds.

While I do agree on that, I think it would happen to any group of people. Regardless if they’re westerners or easterners (correct term?), no matter the skin color and all that. People are prone to these things, to manipulation.

It seems to be the case that if you have working mirror neurons, but are not used to use ratio and common sense to check on what you’re copying from others, you are simply doing that: You copy whatever others are doing. You support the current thing. You say the words others are saying. You say the phrases others are saying. You do the things others are doing.

Mirror neurons make it possible to have compassion and empathy, they are important for a functioning society where people help each other. Mirror neurons activate parts of the same regions that somebody has active you are obvserving. If you do have too few mirron neurons, you won’t help others, you lack compassion - literally. If you have too much, they would render you unable to help others with their suffering, because you suffer just as much. You want to be able to help a person with a broken leg, and not be clouded by induced pain (brain regions). So a good amount of mirror neurons is a good thing.

People who have too few, or none at all, are called psychopaths. Newer term is anti-social disorder. These people, when it gets extreme, don’t care one bit if there is a burning human being in front of them. It’s nothing but an interesting spectacle. People in prison are typically higher on that scale. Just as much as people in upper corporation management, or - you may have guessed it - politics. These people have no issue manipulating others for their personal benefit. And that includes, of course, manipulating people who have more mirror neurons.

Now, this wouldn’t work with people who have enough education, and are used to use their brain to check on what they are doing. Does it make sense? Is it actually benefiting me? If people are not able to do this, if they are helpless, they will blindly and naively - literally - copy what others are doing. The more often they see it, the higher the chance they’ll also do it. That’s why you see repetition so much on TV. Be it advertising or politics.

Hm… I’m not sure why I wrote this down right now. But… here we are. I hope someone was able to take something away from this that is useful.

Edit: Some links that might be interesting:

I’m sorry, but I think “evidence” is not the correct term. They provide arguments. Nothing wrong with that, of course.

I glanced over it, but honestly doesn’t feel like there’s something substantial in there. It’s a lot of assumptions of what will happen in the future. Would you please, just a short sentence, point out what the strongest point in this article is?

I also never had problems with that. Almost all players come with the needed codecs. If you need more, it’s a matter of looking at the optional dependencies or taking a look at the official wiki to know from which official repo to install the needed codec. But that’s only for uncommon codecs.

The regular user should never have to deal with this with pretty much any distro I know of. Where did you have problems?

I really hope they resolved the performance issues LO has. I remember in 2009, I used LO on a really old Laptop in school. I had a very old one from ~2001. 1GHz single core CPU. 256MB RAM. It wasn’t fast, but it actually was usable.

Sometimes, I now have troubles using LO with a machine that is more than 10 times as capable. I don’t know why, but the performance is really really bad in LO. I could definitely not use current LO on that old Laptop.

Do you have any interesting links from your research? Are there people who actually use it for all these things?

Pastiera napoletana is the dish you are looking for

This looks delicious, indeed! :)

But I meant literal wheat grains simply cooked to be eaten like rice. Technically speaking, you can eat any wheat grain like that, though you seem to be right that some wheat varieties need longer cooking times.

This is true for durum wheat (“durum” means hard in latin). This wheat seems to be used for pasta and bulgur, and both are pre-cooked. “Common wheat” (in Germany called “Weichweizen”: soft wheat) seems to have only a fraction of the cooking times. This includes dinkel wheat, which seems to be rather quick to cook.

I have no idea about the nutritional differences between those. But nevertheless, very interesting to think about the implications of wheat variets on cooking energy.

I’m not really enjoying this argument. The way I understand it, you argue against this way of saving energy, because you personally think that another way of saving energy should be preferred. I say, let people discuss this topic and then decide for themselves.

Also, what about a vegan who tries to save all kinds of energies? Should they not do that for some reason? I kinda get the feeling that you think that vegans shouldn’t be doing any more, because they are doing enough. Is that how you see it? If not, sorry, then I misunderstood you.

Pasta is essentially just fancy wheat. We could cook wheat like we cook rice. That would leave out the pasta making process and therefor way less energy usage. If we soak the whole wheat before (like we soak beans), it would be even less energy usage.

Interesting thought. In order to use way less energy, we could start to use way more basic food for the most part of the week, and maybe - for preservation of culture and also for joy and taste - have one day where we feast “old school”.

I think the energy could be dramatically lowered.

Also, because I today was buying kitchen stuff… there are double walled pots who save a ridiculous amount of energy as well, you need a quarter, not more. They are insulated. For whole wheat or rice, it’s enough to heat up water to boiling temp, and then just switch off the heat and let the isolation do its thing. But instead of these very nice and useful pots, everyone has single walled ones, and most people are not even using the lid - which easily cuts energy usage in half.

Sadly, those double walled pots are rather rare and incredibly pricey.

I’m simply using text files with markdown. Extremely portable, syncing is done by whatever I’m using to sync, and you can use it on any device.

Eh… I don’t hate him. But Valve could do a lot more right with the ridiculous amounts of money they receive from gamers. The Steam client is more and more a mess. It’s a ressource hog and runs badly more and more. The video streaming is broken most of the time.

Is it better than the Epic store? Of course. But… yeah. That’s not really a good measure.

Valve is doing a lot of good things, for example with their Linux support, or the way they handle refunds. But then again, they were forced by the market and laws to do these things. I’m not sure if both would exist without the moves of Microsoft or European laws.

Still, the dude seems nice and friendly, and kinda down to earth. I like that.

One could consider to stop drinking coffee. Coffee itself has a rather large environmental impact as it is. Or drink it without milk-like substances.

Wow, I just took a look at a satelite map of that part of Vancouver. Holy hell… this is absolutely awful. Just houses and roads, almost no green, except for some trees that are captured in asphalt.

This is indeed awful. I thought these are houses with gardens around them. :(

Most people on Lemmy seem to think that this is just fine, because you can vote however you want, and as soon as you think that people should vote after a certain system or idea, you’re for some reason a Nazi.

If you mean the non-straight streets in the blocks: That’s how every road in Europe is made. This is not better for cars, this is better and nicer for humans. Cars are forced to drive slower that way.

Sounds rather odd to me that climate activists would go and poison soil based on who currently “owns” that plot of land, and based on what the owners are doing there.

Doesn’t this make the situation worse for the environment?

What does “salting the greens” means? Surely not literally putting salt onto it. Or does it mean that?

What some people do is to vote based on the relationship with the author. Some people always downvote any comment by a person they hate. The opposite also exists.

I agree with everything you said. But for me, it’s an argument FOR trying to create an useful system for everyone, instead of not trying. We all would have benefits.

It doesn’t really matter whether you design a perfect system or not, if it doesn’t account for human behavior.

I agree. That’s why the system should account for that, which is the core of the reason for the system. It’s not something that should exist “despite” human behavior. It should exist because of it. For me, this is the reason for the system.

The best you can get is an approximation, and you have to understand that people will ultimately use the system differently than you expect or designed them to.

Some people will ignore the information. But if we come up with a good and clear user interface, and the rules are simple and actively encouraged and explained, then hopefully more and more people will use it - and create a benefit for everyone.

Reddit sadly didn’t do that - for their benefit, because they sell data, and gut reactions and one-liners are worth more than informed and well written discussion.

Alright, you don’t want to talk about it. So please do stop. You repeating already answered questions doesn’t do anyone any good.

They could have done a way better job at communicating this idea via the user interface. The arrows suggest that the two voting options are opposites of each other, but according to the Reddiquette, they are not. Calculating the upvotes and downvotes to a simple number at a later time made it even worse. Originally, you had seperate counts for both vote options.

I could work, if you encourage the correct usage and educate your users about it. Also, a better user interface should communicate the intention and meaning.

If you ask me, if most users would use the system like that, it would be a very strong encouragement for everyone to participate in a quality discussion, writing well thought arguments and voting on who had done this, so everyone can see the comments with the highest merit at the top.

You don’t even have to agree with the user in order to vote the comment up. If someone writes up a very good argument for atomic energy, I should acknowledge that and feel encouraged to come up with an equally well written argument against it, ideally touching the topics the user used as arguments, and enriching the discussion.

It’s like a lot of things: It would be good if everyone would be doing that, but many don’t, so most give up… and here we are. I would really love if we would at least try.

It’s sadly the reality. The original Reddiquette is a really good idea, though. Encouraging well written arguments, and sorting them by quality, would help a lot of topics. Emotional gut reactions on the other hand are not really helping.

There is no meaning to the vote numbers here on Lemmy, yet they are used to rank comments and posts. Doesn’t make sense to me. Any metric that is the result of an unknown process shouldn’t be used to sort comments.

Example: The 5 star rating at Amazon. Imagine if everyone would use it however they see fit? Some use a 5 star rating for simply receiving a non-damaged product. Some use a 4 star rating for a broken product, but the return process was okay. Some use a 3 star rating for receiving a non-damaged product. Some use the stars to rate the movie, some to rate the visual quality of the release (which can differ), some because their language wasn’t included, some for the delivery, some for the packaging (which can differ), and so on.

As long as the people who feed the system use it for completely different reasons and by different rules, the resulting metric is… useless.

Sadly, we all are just human beings. I really hope that something emerges that tries to actually make things better for everyone, instead of creating even more division.

I’m sorry, but I think you are avoiding to talk about the merits of such a system based on the fact that you can’t dictate how users use a system. Your solution is to simply stop caring about it, my solution would be to encourage the correct usage of the system and educate everyone about it.

You argue for a good system, while at the same time you argue that no system can be good, because you can’t dictate anyone, and there are bots.

So… why even talk about this, if there is no reason for you that any of this makes sense?

How do you dictate how people use preference buttons?

Why do you want to dictate it?

They’re going to use them however they see fit, and that’s a good thing.

If that’s a good thing is the very thing we argue about right now. I disagree that this is a good thing. Especially if you mean that everybody should any system however they like, instead of how it is supposed to be used. If everyone uses any system differently, be it a 5 star system, or upvotes/downvotes, the system is not going to show what people think it shows, but a mix of all interpretations mangled into a number.

If half of the people use “3 stars” for an average product, but the other half uses “5 stars” for an average product, the rating is off for both halfs. It’s the same with rating the delivery. If the rating system is meant for the product only, using it for other reasons distorts the result of that system.

I hope you can see what I mean.

And how do you find good content without some sort of collective preference?

As I said elsewhere in this thread: By having a metric that shows how well written and thought through an argument is. You don’t have to “like” what is written or said, but you can acknowledge the quality of the argument.

what’s the best way to sort them so that users don’t have to read every comment?

Depends on what your goal is: Do you want users to read what they LIKE to read? Then you go for likes/dislikes, so what people want to read most is always at the top, creating a filter bubble, also called an echo chamber.

If you want to encourage quality discussion, where arguments are higher rated than emotional replies, then you should not do that.

That’s not at all what I’m talking about. I argue that using votes as “likes”, instead of how the Reddiquette originally meant it, is a bad idea for the very reason you are stating. Sorting by popularity is not going to highlight the best solution or argument, but the most popular one.

to find something decent.

What does decent mean? Something popular? Or something with quality content and comments?

I agree. I don’t like the aspect that votes are seen as “lol internet points” by the devs and admins of Lemmy. I don’t even understand why it was implemented if they see it like that. If the votes are of no meaning, then… why take the time and implement a system for something that should be without any use?

The original “Reddiquette” was really well written in regards to voting. It was humane and about quality discussion. But… the new owners of Reddit, whoever it is, don’t care for quality discussion. If you want to sell data, you want votes and comments to be emotional gut reactions. So they actually are A/B testing to replace votes with literal “likes” and “dislikes”.

I think the “up” and “down” arrows suggest something that doesn’t easily align with the original Reddiquette. The upvote is not really the opposite of the downvote. It has different meanings, and should be two different buttons that do not look like opposites. That would help users to understand the Reddiquette. Also, that the final number is a simple “upvote-downvote” calculation contributes further to that problematic user interface communication.

It’s just imaginary internet points, relax.

Honest question: Then why are we having these points? If they are of no actual use, and nobody should care about them, why are they implemented? For what reason?

Mercator is a kind of a map projection. It can skew the visual representation of the actual size of a country. Northern/southern regions appear stretched, while equatorial regions appear comparatively smaller. For example, the continent Africa is way bigger than this map projection suggest. Also, the nothern parts of Russia are stretched, so Russia is smaller than it appears.

Still, Russia is 28 times bigger in actual square kilometers. 28 fucking times.

Thinking about this… if you know about the mercator projection (which the user at least now of, and what it means), I’m quite sure you’re not dumb enough to not realize that Russia is 28 times bigger. So, honestly… it’s 100% a troll.

Don’t feed the troll.

using the Mercator projection to argue how Russia is bigger than Ukraine.

Stopped reading right there. Either troll or idiot.

Yeah. Right. I see the troll game gets stronger and stronger on Lemmy. Good for you!