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There is no platform. There just are independent servers that make their own decisions.

The ethos of open source is that anyone can use the code to do whatever they want with it.

That’s why the code is public, for lemmy as well.

You know, there was a nazi lemmy server, a while ago. It just wasn’t connected to all but one or two very small other right-wing lemmy servers. Because everyone else blocked them.

Unter Einstellungen alle Sprachen auswaehlen! Die Einstellung ist noch etwas neu und deshalb noch nicht ganz so toll implementiert.

Because someone might spam disgusting content because they don’t like lemmy.


Your account is 3 hours old, what do you think is the ethos of Lemmy?

Yes, I wouldn’t mind a theoretical automod that helped with admin work. I am not against that. I am trying to explain how we arrived at the situation we are at today, where all servers are with application only.

but banning an account wholesale like this for any reason defeats the purpose of this platform.

Accounts can’t be banned wholesale. They can only be banned by the admins of a server.

I was just talking from experience. I believe that the spammer could easily create a new account and then just spam offending images, whatever.

hmm I am not convinced it would work.

Lemmy had a slur filter in the early days, that blocked certain words from being able to be posted, and a lot of people hated that. Dunno why, but well.

It should be up to the server admins whether they want to implement an automod system if they choose to do so.

It is. Server admins can do whatever they want.

What do you propose? There were a couple of people here constantly making accounts called hitler_was_awesome and they were posting gore.

oh the one on beehaw already exists! It’s called !greenspace@beehaw.org

That on the other hand is very true. It’s a little bit weird to download porn imo ^^

No you’re right, this will probably happen here one day too. Big instance will have problems with moderation I fear.

I think they’ll open one on beehaw tomorrow! !gardening@lemmy.ml and !gardening@mander.xyz already exist!

oh sorry I meant right-wingers don’t like it. I meant to be funny, but apparently failed…

Deutsche Kellerkinder ;) Ne Scherz ich glaub die Leute von beehaw sind genauso schnell, kommen halt seit 2 Tagen viele Anfragen, da verbring ich auch ein bisschen mehr Zeit hier :)

such a weird exclusion. Why?? Must be americans.

Some people are really annoying about it or don’t see other good stuff, but the open-source movement is a serious force for freedom imo.

you can always search for !tf2@lemmy.ml and your server (lemmy.one) in this case will look up if there is a community with that name on a server with that name.

There is only one lemmy.ml website. Just like on e-mail, if you deleted an account on lemmy.ml website, that one will be gone. Maybe that’s what you did? You also have an account on lemmy.one I see. Why not use that one now? It’s basically the same anyways, you can join all the communities anyways.

Nothing. This server existed, it was called wolfballs.com. lemmy.ml, beehaw.org, feddit.de and many others had this server blocked. So nothing was showing up from them.

mehr Accounts ist immer gut, habe ja auch mehrere auf Reddit ;)

ja das ist echt verrueckt.

klar, ist doch fediverse :)

You could make an account there, create the community yourself and make your other account mod.

I don’t know about requesting. Maybe someone with an account could create the community and mod you.

It’s linked to https://beehaw.org/c/entertainment, like you said. I don’t think there is a way to link in a way where every server links it to their local view of that community.

scheint ja schon gut zu klappen, wenn du es bis in die Kommentare geschafft hast :)

I think beehaw will last, don’t worry. They have been very well managed for the last year.

yes. Your account is tied to the server that it lives on. You could make another account called myUsernameBackup on another server, or even with the same name. Just as with e-mail.

you could post to !entertainment@beehaw.org for example :)

Give it a week and more general communities will work fine

I thought they’re just random bystanders, but back left could be jordan peterson?

yup, that’s exactly how they feel. They’re like hurt children.

I split my browsing habits between Lemmy and Reddit like a year or two ago. Mostly I browse reddit and when I see funny or interesting content I post it here.

hell yes, I’m vegan btw!

wtf Edit: Apparently this is satire or an art project

Hallo an die Neuen :)
Wie gehts wie stehts, hat es lange gedauert bis ihr approved wurdet? Ich nutze feddit meist um in den englischsprachigen Communities zu schreiben, aber hier ist natuerlich auch content immer willkommen :)

Ich gehe jetzt schlafen, der andere admin ist auch nicht online
also werden eure Accounts wohl erst in 8 Stunden oder so freigeschaltet, sorry :3

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Who can tell me how federation works between peertube servers?
Because it doesn't seem to work as I expected. I thought if a peertube server follows another peertube server that all the videos that the second server uploads to any channel are automatically pushed into the timeline of the first server. That doesn't seem to be the case though, I have seen multiple servers that follow each other but the videos posted on one are nowhere to be found on the other. Why have this servers following servers thing then? Is it just a whitelist? But if it was a whitelist I shouldn't be able to follow any accounts on other servers from an obscure pt account, which doesn't seem to be the case also. Soooooo, any ideas? Just bugs?

What do you think of this? I don't think that this guy is particularly trustworthy, but I think it's good when large public figures have such clear pro climate messages.

people eat dead animals??

but bigger cars suck more

Who will see my posts if I set language to “Undetermined”?
Because always choosing between German and English has made my Lemmy experience worse, I haven't gotten used to it.