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wtf happened to the quality here. Did I post it like this? I doubt it.

I use liberapay and send some money via IBAN bank transfer

Gesamter WhatsApp-Chat der AfD-Bundestagsfraktion geleakt

Ein seit 2017 genutzter Chat von AfD-Abgeordneten gibt Einblick in das Innere einer aufrührerischen Partei. Umsturzrhetorik und homophobe Attacken inklusive…


Schuld ist unter anderem der vergangene Winter


Naja die Leute werden um diese Tragoedie vergessen zu koennen mit SUV in den Urlaub fahren.

If you have good content many servers will gladly give you more than 5gb of space

The real question is: Why big characters in the libre software culture are not promoting/use it?

Who are you talking about?

The biggest servers actually have an advantage, because the overlap of followed posts between users would be huge. But yeah having lots of images and short videos does result in big amounts of data.

That’s what I said. But that still doesn’t mean every toot ever is stored, just those that are from users that are being followed. Still not a good reason. Do they want you to use their server or not??

I don’t think it’s a good reason to block the birdsitelive.

No you are not right. It’s not a problem. Pleroma doesn’t even download the media, Mastodon does but it’s not that much. Each person follows just a few hundred accounts, they don’t produce too much content. The fedivers is pretty large already and it hasn’t become a problem.

idk but probably real

Hmm, I fear that most right-wing spaces are like this. You could stay here and just not follow any of the more radical subs?

Awesome! I see that you even have your own mastodon server :)

Not really. The world is full of stupid conspiracy theories.

Dann drohen halt in der Haelfte der Staaten polnische Verhaeltnisse.

I do, I shower almost every day but in some situations I wouldn’t feel comfortable without it. I use the sensitive one that pretty much doesn’t do much ^^