Hi, I’ve recently seen this video by a channel called What I’ve Learned, regarding the environmental impact of animal agriculture, in both of which Dr. Frank Mitloehner, a Professor and Air Quality Extension Specialist at the University of California, expresses his opinion on this topic.

In short, he suggests that cow industry is not so disruptive as it is portrayed.

I’m trying to understand if his points are valid. What are your thoughts? Please let me know, thanks

  • Dreeg Ocedam
    63 years ago

    There was a thread recently about a video debunking this one. I haven’t been able to find the thread but the video itself is here: What I’ve Learned or What I’ve Lied About? Eating less meat won’t save the planet. Debunked..

    If I remember correctly the main guy that is interviewed actually works for the food industry.

    A lot of food is being grown exclusively for feeding animals, the use of residue doesn’t mean that it would be wasted otherwise, and that no food is being grown for animals.

    Reducing meat intake is also something that can be done very easily with clearly known health benefits. Removing the use of fossil fuels is going to be a much larger change that individuals can’t do much about. Of course we should vote and push for policies that reduce fossil fuel use, but it shouldn’t mean we can’t do anything else.

    • @tronk@lemmy.ml
      33 years ago

      Amazing! I actually sent the What I’ve Learned video to vegan friends to see what they would respond. The only criticism we could come up with on the fly was that in the U.S. and in Brazil, there is plenty of soy and other human-edible grains that are being used for cows instead of humans. So the whole “cows eat food humans wouldn’t otherwise eat” argument in those cases are not true.

      But the video you linked was much more comprehensive! I’m excited! Hahah! A bit inline with the post someone else made regarding how awesome Lemmy is, it’s exciting to find this content and have these discussions here!

    • @Torquatus@lemmy.mlOP
      23 years ago

      Hi, I’ve seen the video: the guy gave well-sourced arguments, and frankly, they seem to be more credible than the ones from the original video. Thanks a bunch! Also, I agree with the points you make