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Science doesn’t lie, nor does it tell us what to do. But it does give us a picture of what needs to be done. We are of course free to ignore that picture and remain in denial. Or to go on hiding behind clever accounting, loopholes and incomplete statistics. As if the atmosphere would care about our …

And, converted to units that actually make sense: …

Trees vs parking lot


China plans to build more coal-fired power plants and has hinted that it will rethink its timetable to slash emissions, in a significant blow to the UK’s ambitions for securing a global agreement on phasing out coal at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow. …

Likely just an election stunt, but lets see…

Great timing on this report since we’ve JUST had a massive oil spill in California. …

Green - An environmentalist community

    This is the place to discuss environmentalism, preservation, direct action and anything related to it!


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