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Another negative point that anon hasn’t mentioned: on streaming services, you don’t own anything. Want to get an offline copy of your favourite show to watch it whenever? Too bad, bucko. Watch it on our terms or don’t watch it at all.

Definitely after they end, especially plot-heavy shows. Two reasons for this. If too much time passes between a season finale and he next season, I sometimes have trouble remembering plot points and characters, which makes it harder to follow along. That’s why I prefer to watch entire shows in one go, if feasible.

Second reason is, only a handful of shows know when and how to finish a story. The vast majority of shows seem to have a very interesting premise… and then by season 2 or 3, they completely lose their direction, making the show boring at best and painful to watch at worst. Heck, some even go multiple seasons without anything of note happening. That’s why I like to wait for a show to finish, just to see what the general reaction to the finale is and then start to watch it.

The rules for whatever channel this is are going to be hilarious:

  • No bigotry or personal offences
  • Stay on-topic
  • No birth giving in voice chat
  • Try and use proper grammar

I would want it to be lively and exciting, no particular example. However, since I am pretty much a lazy layabout, Everybody Way Oh! by Daniel Amos would probably be a better fit.

Not gonna lie, I have no idea what I just read.

I would mostly agree. However, there are exceptions and customizing suckless’ simple terminal (or st) is one of them. Last time I used it - which was about 5 years ago, granted - st didn’t have a config file. If you wanted to change even the most trivial things such as fonts, colours, etc., you had to edit the code. As an example, here’s a patch if one wanted to use the solarized colour scheme in st:


In these few instances, the article actually is helpful, since the user would have to compile the application from source.

Honestly? I’m surprised it held out as long as it did. When you have to jump through hoops just to get commonplace applications like GIMP or Firefox installed, then your distro has a problem.

Thoughts on repositories such as this?

The repository in question: …


I will never get the appeal of watching other people eat tubs of food. Is it supposed to be entertaining? Are people just morbidly curious? Or is it something else entirely?

I’ll let people smarter than myself answer your questions, but as for Mobilecoin: stay far, far away. It’s just Monero, but rebranded for Signal. In addition, if Signal’s company ever goes belly-up, so will the coin, instantly.

…is this about Linus’ stupid tweet? Because no, using adblocker is not piracy. How would it be? All adblockers do is, wouldn’t you know it, block ads. They don’t illegally copy data.

But it is, in fact, incorrect. Square brackets go first for the name, and then regular brackets for the URL. It’s easy to get them mixed up, though.

For facebook alternative I’ll say #Minds is the most mature but the problem there is lack of moderation and is home for many conspiracy theorists.

Adding to this, Minds also rewards their users with Ethereum, based on their interactions with the website. Very much not a fan of this. This encourages their users to post as much as possible for the sake of earning money, which results in a flood of posts, most of which are of low quality.

On another note, how is this a facebook alternative? Looking at their discovery page, it does remind me of a certain social network, but it ain’t facebook.

Can’t decide whether to laugh or assume a fetal position.

Looks like it. You can find the list of bots for Revolt here.

This is one of those rare cases where I’d say the hype is justified. When the official client is absolute dogshit, then of course better alternatives would be welcomed with open arms.

Well, I don’t know about “dozens” of alternatives, but I can certainly think of a few. Off the top of my head there’s the many clients supporting the Matrix protocol and Revolt. One of the web-based clients for Matrix, Cinny seems to be trying to emulate Discord’s look and feel.

That said, I haven’t used Revolt and I’ve only used Matrix to send text messages. It does have voice chat, but I have no idea how well it works. As I understand it, Revolt seems to be further along on that front.

This is so dumb. These companies are so certain, so cock-sure that NFTs are the future, but at the same time they don’t have a singular clue what NFTs actually are. For the most part anyway. All they see are dollar signs everywhere.

btw, what’s that black line on Yugi’s hand?

Does anyone else dislike Bluray discs?

For me, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. For wanting to support your favorite artists, I’m rewarded with unskippable trailers and FBI warnings, and if you want to play Blurays on PC, well… Just take a look at this. Keydb files? BD+ decry…


Can anyone tell me what the heck web3 actually is?

I mean specifically, what criteria does a webpage have to fulfill for it to be considered web3 compliant? …


What's the cheapest hardware that can playback videos at 1080p?

There are so many options out there, it’s kind of dizzying. …


[Answered] Trying to remember an IP-KVM-like device

This is going to sound rather vague, but less than a week ago, I was reading a forum post somewhere about a device that lets you control a machine remotely, allowing you to do stuff like remotely access a machine’s BIOS. Pretty sure it was Linux-based. …


Just tried the latest elementary OS in VirtualBox and... is it supposed to be this obtuse?

I’m just screwing around with the OS, but I have to say, I’m a bit perplexed. …


How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?

I’ll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent. …


Linux kernel "rapidly proceeding down an unstable path" according to Hyperbola Linux

I was looking into Hyperbola Linux, when I came across this post. In this post it is outlined why Hyperbola Linux is switching to a BSD base. A bold move, but I hope it works out for the team. …