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Welp, I guess it’s a good thing I never became a math teacher, because the way we were taught was to not only do the parentheses first, but also multiply the result with the number before the parentheses and then apply all other operations. Additionally, we were never taught the rule that the leftmost number takes precedence.

I never thought I’d be debating math problems rather than solving them, but here we are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sudden urge to play Math Blaster.

What? It makes perfect sense. I thought everyone was in agreement about this.


First, the brackets: 1+2=3. So far, so good, yes? Next to the brackets is number 2, so you have to multiply that first: 2*3=6. You’re left with 6/6, which comes to 1.

Google’s calculator, on the other hand, adds a set of brackets out of nowhere, completely altering the equation. The user typed in 6/2(1+2), but Google went ahead and altered it to (6/2)*(1+2), which is absolutely not the same. Again, brackets first: 6/2=3 and 1+2 is still 3. The equation then becomes 3*3, which comes to 9. And while that is the correct result for that particular equation, it’s not what the user typed in and is thus incorrect.

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Yeah, there were some facepalm-worthy moments in the video, but that (now fixed) error Linus got when he tried to install Steam? That one was on Pop!_OS. Seriously, all he did was open up the software manager, find steam and click the install button.

I’m hosting it on an Intel NUC. For some reason its HDMI ports don’t play well on Linux, but otherwise it makes a decent headless server.

KeePassXC on Linux and Keepass2Android on Android. I use it because it’s what I started with and that’s what I’m used to. For synchronization across devices, I use my Nextcloud instance.

Msetya? Also, pretty sure one of those words is made up.

A back door for the good guys can also be a back door for the bad guys. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Series: Breaking Bad, if I had to pick just one.

The i3 window manager releases version 4.20 and in the same day, we get this post. Coincidence?!


It might just be me, but that looks ugly AF.

I agree, Xenia’s design is nice as a picture, but it’s far too busy and complex for it to be a logo. Not to say that Tux doesn’t have room for improvement. Tux is alright as a picture, but it looks kind of terrible when you shrink him down to the size of an icon. This is me guessing, but I suppose that’s why Steam doesn’t use him when displaying Linux native games.

Not the Dora I had in mind.

Why are minions still a thing? They seem to have invaded every facet of our lives and I can’t stand it. And the money they bring in, it’s disgusting. Some uninspired tool literally drew an eye on a yellow tic-tac and made bank.

no r/GetMotivated posts on the front page

omg, I thought I was the only one who hated that sub. Oh yes, I’m sure a short quote on an overly designed background is going to solve every problem ever. And who the hell says motivation is the problem in the first place? /rant

Good to know. I’ll be switching to LocalCDN then. I honestly wasn’t aware Decentraleyes had a fork.

How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?

I’ll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent. …

Linux kernel "rapidly proceeding down an unstable path" according to Hyperbola Linux

I was looking into Hyperbola Linux, when I came across this post. In this post it is outlined why Hyperbola Linux is switching to a BSD base. A bold move, but I hope it works out for the team. …