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If it looks like a duck, eats like a duck, quacks like a duck, builds an ideological pipeline like a duck…

I have literally linked to where the guy is being racist and seanchai has quoted his homophobic and transphobic remarks. It’s plain as day. I’m calling this shit out because it makes me feel unsafe to be here as a queer person.

Also, how do you not know what a dogwhistle is? can you please explain to this man what a wrecker is? He’s either being naive or is cryptofash himself and I’m running out of patience.

I don’t need to argue anything. Fuck fascists. If you’re an ML like you’ve stated in the past, you know why and don’t need me to explain to you why fascism is unacceptable and how they leverage liberal discourse to gain footing.

If you enable fascists to speak then what do you even stand for?

To let things slide for the sake of peace and friendship when a person has clearly gone wrong, and refrain from principled argument because he is an old acquaintance, a fellow townsman, a schoolmate, a close friend, a loved one, an old colleague or old subordinate. Or to touch on the matter lightly instead of going into it thoroughly, so as to keep on good terms. The result is that both the organization and the individual are harmed. This is one type of liberalism.

To hear incorrect views without rebutting them and even to hear counter-revolutionary remarks without reporting them, but instead to take them calmly as if nothing had happened. This is a sixth type.

I don’t claim to be unbiased. I don’t claim to be fair. Because being unbiased and fair is for people who don’t have to worry about their own survival. LGBT people have already learned this lesson when we’ve been hunted down in the past. You gotta nip this shit in the bud before it takes root.

If you make this place a safe haven for these people, then it’s not safe for me or people like me, and I will treat it like radioactive waste.

They’re the wolfballs admin, what’s not to get? Don’t be a lib.

I was at a shitty crustpunk bar once getting an after-work beer. One of those shitholes where the bartenders clearly hate you. So the bartender and I were ignoring one another when someone sits next to me and he immediately says, “no. get out.”

And the dude next to me says, “hey i’m not doing anything, i’m a paying customer.” and the bartender reaches under the counter for a bat or something and says, “out. now.” and the dude leaves, kind of yelling. And he was dressed in a punk uniform, I noticed

Anyway, I asked what that was about and the bartender was like, “you didn’t see his vest but it was all nazi shit. Iron crosses and stuff. You get to recognize them.”

And i was like, ohok and he continues.

"you have to nip it in the bud immediately. These guys come in and it’s always a nice, polite one. And you serve them because you don’t want to cause a scene. And then they become a regular and after awhile they bring a friend. And that dude is cool too.

And then THEY bring friends and the friends bring friends and they stop being cool and then you realize, oh shit, this is a Nazi bar now. And it’s too late because they’re entrenched and if you try to kick them out, they cause a PROBLEM. So you have to shut them down.

And i was like, ‘oh damn.’ and he said “yeah, you have to ignore their reasonable arguments because their end goal is to be terrible, awful people.”

And then he went back to ignoring me. But I haven’t forgotten that at all.

Sorry if I offended you, but I think we’re talking about different things. Fully blind people use screen readers which are designed to read web elements that conform to a certain standard, and going against that standard makes the screenreader behave unexpectedly, which can be confusing for someone reading the page in a linear audio or braille format.

For your situation I’d recommend something like Link Alert on Firefox. This sort of thing should be standard browser behavior, tbh. Putting it on webdevs is bad practice.

You know by “accessibility” they mean making the site easier to use for blind and differently abled people, right? You can set firefox to automatically open all links in a new tab if it’s that important.

Phpbb already exists and has been far more stable for far longer. Federation is the only thing really justifying Lemmy as a separate project from traditional forum software.

Given, I think it could use more easy/immediate moderating tools in the UI (like mastodon) and more robust personal blocks for users. But I get the feeling this post is secretly trying to address the lemmy vs. lemmygrad political split.

Tbh, I don’t think’s site culture is capable of growth. The tech users are here because of the novelty, but beyond that they don’t comment much and seem to use the site as a glorified RSS feed (note how, pre Gen Zedong migration, the only posts with more than a half-dozen comments were about Lemmy software updates). They don’t really add any value that you can’t get on reddit or hackernews.

Longform forum posts aren’t super useful to anarchists, who tend to aggregate on mastodon for a reason. Short, visual, personalized, and curated content speaks more to modern anarchist norms and values. They don’t like people telling them to “read theory” and will make fun of your 5000 word wall of text screed. Snappy, information dense toots that grab your attention in the first 5 words get boosted pretty quickly. However, traditional-format posts on ! only get 3-6 upvotes and maybe 2 comments a best. (And before any of y’all complain, prove me wrong by engaging with each other).

Lemmy site culture was pretty much in decay before GenZedong got here, and it breathed new life into the medium (even just through inspiring people to complain about lemmygrad, which has increased engagement dramatically). The longpost format is quite perfect for marxist usage and I’m interested to see if lemmygrad can get a network of socialist sites going. Seeing this much communism on the TL has been my dream for this place for the past couple years.

Wow is this a thing that really happens?


White people love saying messed-up junk to minorities. If you know any poc they’ll have stories.

I wouldn’t normally recommend borrowing things from 4chan, but: their posts automatically populate the footer-area of comments with a list of links to direct replies. Each direct reply, in the reply’s header area, will then contain a link to the comment it’s replying to, and hovering over these links displays a preview of said comment. The text of these links also displays the ID # of the post or comment being referred to.

Yeah, their statement about NoBigTech is laughable considering it has 5 users. Not even a mention that Lemmygrad is more active than the rest of Lemmy combined. maybe we should migrate and let the 10 active users on here have this server as their uncomplicated RSS reader. Can’t be having an active community ruin the pure flow of information.

Okay, I figured it out. On my end you have to convert an “embed” code into a “watch” code by manually typing into the url. On that updated instance on mobile they use peertube’s built-in link shortener which generates “w” links instead.

After a lot of experimentation I found both “watch” and “w” links work, but there’s an awkward/newbie unfriendly procedure to it:

  1. Paste “embed” link and convert OR paste “w” link
  2. Search returns no results
  3. Refresh the page or Search a random word to reset the search box
  4. If using the random word method, put the video url you just deleted back in and search a second time
  5. Discover that a Lemmy post generated because of your first search, but wasn’t displaying until you reload the page.

Additionally, one or two random videos display lemmy posts immediately but not all. Not sure why that is…

I frankly don’t care. They can rot until they figure out how to talk to people like proper human beings.

Right wingers love when people pay attention to them, even negative attention. They often won’t defederate from you and get butthurt when you defederate from them. On mastodon they’ll even do campaigns where they send suicide promoting dms with gore in them to lgbt people.

Huh, that video wasn’t there the first time and it displayed them as having 0 posts. Does it only federate after you search for the video?

To give you an example, this is my result of trying 3 different urls for a video on mobile browser, unless I’m missing some method of directly accessing the mp4.

Did a random search for more up-to-date peertube instances to see if I could get anything to load. Much like Masto, I’m seeing accounts but none of their posts, and searching individual videos turns up with nothing.

For example:

This is the 7th most-commented post on

What the heckorinos.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, design-wise. I just think consumerist culture sucks.

Yes, it’s controlled by ICANN which licenses out the ability to become a domain registrar. Making a new TLD is very expensive and the whole process is in the hands of like a half dozen corporations.

It takes time because, even though the ActivityPub standard is just one standard, every platform adds their own spin on it and the data doesn’t match up exactly. It’s unfortunate but the flexibility of AP allows us to have youtube and instagram equivalents on the fedi.

It’s possible they fixed it since then. I remember there was controversy around the most active mod leaving and the whole instance becoming a cesspit. I knew a few people who left for smaller instances. But Eugen seems to be trying to make the platform more palatable to new people (plus his silly official app that doesn’t have all the features), so I guess he found replacement mods.

Whelp, I can’t find it. I remember the metaposts but searching doesn’t bring up anything. 😖

The thing that keeps people around on Mastodon is decreased alienation. When you try to sell people something they turn off. But masto’s longevity I think is attributable to the way small servers make people feel when making internet friends. That’s something you can’t replicate on a big platform because it’s not profitable. But twitter users will spend so much of their own resources chasing that feeling when Masto just gives it to you for free.

Member when half the fedi decided to block because they didn’t moderate their users?

Internet users in the 00s: “We need to maintain awareness of the rise of walled gardens and the negative impact they can have on online social behavior.”

Internet users in the 20s: “I love my walled garden. Google’s boot tastes delicious!”

I agree, generally, but I’m more speaking in terms specifically referring to Plume and Writefreely.

It seems like the function of link aggregators necessitates being able to access different types of content in a format that’s not exactly ideal for all of them but is great for people who want to comment on things. Like pixelfed, peertube, plume, etc. all are specialized to specific formats of posting to highlight the content being shown. But Lemmy, as a reddit analogue, should be able to un-specialize those formats and display them in a generic UI. The problem is that every format does ActivityPub a little bit differently, so you have to make an ‘interpreter’ for each AP implementation.

Specialized AP services don’t necessarily need to worry about this because, like, how is peertube going to render a masto post without a video in it? Why would a Plume user want to read a microblog when they signed up to read/write longform blogs? On the other hand, a Lemmy user wants to view and comment on anything and everything. And if the comments are appended directly to the source material while still being viewable on Lemmy, then the utility is increased. is right, there are quite a lot of browser addons that do this for the viewer.

Personally, what I’d like to see is if the link points to youtube, the little “archive” buttons that pop up below the link form switch to being “invidious” buttons. That way users can encourage not sending people to google if they care about that sort of thing.

Oh, that’s not exactly explained by the UI. It’s a feature not common to other websites, even mastodon.

When you’ve met people who unironically talk like this. 😓

Sounds like this topic is probably just a thing for English speakers, then.

Usually I hear “guys” or “dudes” most often to refer to men. But women don’t get to have fun words. :(


Question about personal word filters.
Hi, so I swear I've seen discussions about personal word filters on here, and I thought Dess and Nutomic confirmed that this was in the works. But I can't find the post (I could just be losing my mind, lol). This is unrelated to the slur filter. Is there going to be a feature where you can go into your profile, add a word to a list, and then all posts containing that word will be filtered from your own view of the TL?

Question Regarding Spam
So I've seen spam posts make it close to the top of the federated TL recently. It got me to look into the modlog and it seems that the vast majority of removed posts are straight up advertising spam, usually multiple per day. I've seen this sort of thing go unchecked and take over Plume and servers. Does Lemmy have any mechanisms to keep this contained? I know a traditional method is to only allow users to post after they've made a few comments first. I could also be overreacting?