I love that I’m seeing more and more posts to Lemmy from Mastodon.
This one feature finally ties Lemmy in with the rest of the fediverse by providing the lacking feature: making top level posts. Lemmy (along with friendica!) will lead the way in making “groups” and forums in the fediverse, accessible from any platform you choose.

  • Jakob :lemmy:A
    11 year ago

    It uses it as attachment…

    And yes… i would prefer, if mastodon could handle subjects…

    • Helge
      11 year ago

      It would help to write up a guideline how to handle unknown objects. I would say something like “type: name” as a title followed by the summary + url or id, would be a good default.

      If somebody wants to workout the details, this would make an excellent FEP. I would write it myself, if I didn’t have FEP-2e40 to finish and then a Client2Server one to write.