Creators on this instance are required to only upload their own content. While it’s fine if they mirror their own videos from elsewhere, such as YouTube, the ultimate goal is to be intentional with your videos in this space. To be clear: videos can contain fragments of other people’s content (as is popular in critical analysis videos), but we don’t really want to just mirror stuff and add to the garbage pile that is PeerTube’s sprawling firehose of useless content.

This instance is invite-only, for the purposes of slowly building up an engaged community of people who actually want to be here, and want to be a part of this thing.

The instance admin / moderation team promise to do the following:

Maintain healthy community stewardship that is compatible with our (very simple) Code of Conduct
Moderate and facilitate any issues that come up - no issues will be skipped. We will strive to always come to the most equitable and fair decision we can, when it comes to community disputes and infractions.
Never ever spy on our users or viewers, sell their data, or monitor personal communications.
Keep the spam down from garbage instances, and federate with other great instances that are putting good stuff out.