• @sproid@lemmy.ml
      22 years ago
      • For the author or anyone who wants to point out the obvious is for them to propose solutions, or partner with other to seek solutions.
      • For the problem with facebook is: for the people who are not too attached to it is to delete their account asap and seek more healthy social network(s). If you don’t want to delete your account but you don’t engage too much on it anyway then make it more private, and use it less and less while seeking more healthy social network(s). If you are a heavy facebook user that means you don’t value privacy (yours and everybody else), like being bombarded with Ads like a masochist, and already believe or is comfortable with frequent misinformation, and you are part of the problem; in that case I doubt any I say will change your mind, so you do you.
      • As for alternatives there is plenty but I exhort you to look at the fediverse apps. Mastodon and Pixelfed are good starting point.