Open Lemmy links in Lemmur app?

As the title says, is it possible to choose to open the Lemmy links (for example directly in the Lemmur app instead of in browser?..

Pressing the ‘home/house’ button should go scroll back to the top. If one scrolls down a long way it one needs to scroll back to the top manually, which is just a waste of time. Instead one could douple tab the home button…


This release includes support for lemmy v0.15.0 and lemmur is finally translation-ready! …

Can't log in on the app

I tried to log in on the Lemmur app, but it just wouldn’t proceed (infinite loading). Lately I had similar problem with the Element app - when I joined some groups it just endlessly loaded and wouldn’t join them unless I restarted the app …

Sign in on lemmur hanging?

I just downloaded the latest version of Lemmur from F-Droid and it looks great, but I can’t seem to log in to my account. When I fill in the wrong password I get a warning, but when I fill in the right password it just remains loading…

Search in comments ?

Is there any way to do so ? If not, do you think it could be a good feature ? Would it be difficult to implement ? …

feature request

make custom font option and more themes …

Feature request: compact mode

I am not sure this is the best place for a feature request but a discussion before the actual feature request is most welcome. …

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Combined Instance Notifications

This would be a nice feature to have, so you don’t have to manually check every instance you’re apart of. I mainly get comment notifications, so its not a big deal for me, but Lemmur is the only mobile app for Lemmy, so it would improve the experience of Lemmy users as a whole…

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iOS TestFlight ended?

Hey friends, I want to slowly introduce a friend to Lemmy who only has an iPad, but it seems that Lemmur is not available anymore on TestFlight via the link on the sidebar…

[Solved] Can't login on lemmur 0.7.0 (fdroid)

I just discovered lemmy and created an account on the web (because lemmur send me there). I can obviously login to but not on lemmur. Is that a bug?

Why does it keep saying "Pasted from clipboard?"

Whenever I open lemmur since android 12 it notifies me that lemmur pasted from my clipboard without my express permission. That is sketchy. Idk how I feel about using this with that in mind…

Thanks for lemmur deves for making such an awesome app for Lemmy on android. I am grateful of you for this and more.

Lemmur claims my password is wrong, but I know for a fact that it isn't

I’ve copied my password from bitwarden, I can log in with it on a browser, but the lemmur app just keeps telling my my password is incorrect …

NLNet funding for lemmur

Lemmur is receiving funding from NLNet foundation 🎉. Thanks to it we will be able to work on a set of features that will greatly improve lemmur. The full amount is €10000. …

In this release we have done quite a bit of internal refactoring which will hopefully result in a more stable and consistent experience as well as help us implement new features faster. …


Where can I help with italian translation?

Maybe there’s something on sites like Weblate but I can’t find it…

Please log out and log back in on instances using Lemmy 0.13.0

Lemmy 0.13.0 invalidated all authentication tokens meaning your current account will cause infinite spinners in lemmur. This has showed us that we should improve invalid auth handling, hence I have created a report for that:

Community dedicated to discussions around a mobile lemmy client

Code repository:

Contribute translations: Weblate

Download for your device:

Support development:

Before asking for help with a problem make sure you’ve read the FAQ

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