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As George Carlin put it: the planet will be fine, the people are fucked.

oh yeah I use that feature all the time as well, ssh is full of gems :)

China is most definitely helping Russia right now. US has been incessantly moaning about it too as evidenced here https://archive.ph/rQAxJ

I agree that switching to hydrogen or any other battery technology helps centralize the problem of energy production. However, even this needs to be considered in the context of the total emissions involved in the lifecycle of the vehicle. For example, production of electric cars has a significant environmental cost associated with it. This cost is amortized over many years of use of the vehicle. So, simply building millions of electric cars would actually make the situation worse in the short term. The real solution has to be to move away from such heavy reliance on cars in the first place, and start investing in public transit instead.

A good overview of the state of hydrogen production. TLDR, over 90% of hydrogen is produced using fossil fuels at the moment.


Yeah, these models take a lot of juice to run unfortunately. Until either hardware gets a lot cheaper, or models get a lot more efficient it’s going to be prohibitive for most people to run them locally. Stuff like pruning is actually really promising on the latter front.

Looks like the latest version streams output from one command to the other. For example, when I run for i in (seq 1 5); sleep 1; echo $i; end | cat I see the numbers show up one at a time.

this guy’s whole posting history is pure gold

I’ve been using fish for years, and highly recommend it. In particular, I find that fish has excellent contextual completion based on folder as well as great highlighting.

The real cleverness lies in being able to write code that seems self evident in hindsight. Anybody can write convoluted code that’s impossible read after, but it’s a lot harder to express the problem using simple and clear code. The ability to understand a complex problem then express it using clean and maintainable code is what separates junior developers from senior ones.

Second Razer here as well, I find their mice tend to work well.

I can only infer what you mean based on what you say. In the entirety of this thread the only criticism you’ve managed to come up with for chattel slavery is that it’s exceptionally abusive.

Nowhere do you address the fundamental issue that chattel slavery shares with capitalism which is the domination of one set of individuals by another.

Rounding up minorities to work in labour camps is likewise intrinsically abusive. Again, the argument you’re trying to build is based on chattel slavery being excessively abusive the way it was practised in US. This implies that you don’t actually have an issue with the concept in general, just as long as slaves aren’t abused excessively. Hence, US prison system today is not comparable.

I love how you further go on to minimize the scale of the US prison labour system. Entire state economies are now based around it. In the United States today there are more prisoners than farmers.

You keep on digging though.

Thank you for supporting the point I’m making. Capitalism of itself does not improve worker conditions compared to chattel slavery. The improvement in conditions comes from violent action against both systems of oppression.

Furthermore, even if greed was human nature that would be an argument against capitalism and not for. We should be creating systems that mitigate our negative tendencies as opposed to ones that encourage them.

Yeah, things like 8 hour work day were won through violent labour action. Love how you keep claiming to be historically literate, but clearly not the case is it https://www.ibew48.com/blog/may-day-and-fight-8-hour-work-day

Yeah, people really need to learn how all these rights we enjoy today were won.