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so in a nutshell, they forked Lemmy to something called “Lenny” because they wanted to use the n word? I have no words…

reddit trying to force their app down my throat.

what’s the difference between “linked” and “federated”?

I use Mastodon and chose an instance that is small and aligned with my interests. As such the local timeline is very useful, so I would not want to lose visibility on it. However, I use the mobile web and I still don’t see any point using an app to access Mastodon (the same goes for Lemmy). This new iphone App drama about a design choice does not make sense. Asking for resignation because you don’t like some design choice? Seems a bit extreme when that app does not have to be used at all. There are many other apps to choose from, using your favorite browser works too.

Preinstalled Lemmy?
Is there any equivalent of masto.host or https://federation.spacebear.ee/ but for Lemmy? As in, a way to set up an instance for people who don't have the tech skill?