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According to Unstoppable Wallet’s market overview the only PSY/ETH trading pair is at gate.io, but I’m not sure whether this is a real trade or some fake. There’s a lot of crypto scam around, but also much bullsh*t news. Would like to see this verified tbh.

At the time of this writing, 1ETH is EUR 1,676 and 1 PSYOP is EUR 0.00311.

Where did they trade this?

He could release a new album with Elvis …

The campaign uses malicious JavaScript that’s customized for individual webmail portals belonging to various NATO-aligned organizations, researchers from security firm Proofpoint said.

There’s a related research paper on the "Impact of the Russia–Ukraine armed conflict on water resources and water infrastructure" published just yesterday for those interested:

… many water infrastructures such as dams at reservoirs, water supply and treatment systems and subsurface mines have been impacted or are at risk from military actions. Continuation of the conflict will have multiple negative sustainability implications not only in Ukraine but also on a global scale, hampering achievement of clean water and sanitation, conservation and sustainable use of water resources, and energy and food security.

Russia has targeted electric grids, oil refineries, and nuclear plants, damaging ecosystems, soil, and water. Attacks on oil depots caused tens of thousands of blazes that have burned across Ukraine. About a third of the country’s forests have been affected, and over 57,000 acres - 230,000 sq km - of forests have completely burned down.

[@OptimusPrime] This is certainly one of the most repulsive posts I’ve read in my life. It’s an insult to all thinking and feeling creatures in the universe. You are the next one among these so-called comrades who gets blocked right now.

An elite unit is on a mission to expel the illegal miners who devastated Yanomami territory during Bolsonaro’s presidency.

Here is another interesting investigation from last year about the environmental costs caused by the Russian invasion, and how the related disinformation works, for those interested.

Cargo e-bike manufacturers are reportedly already lining up to purchase the new system, which is expected to begin rolling out on new e-bikes later this year.

Tanya Plibersek made the decision following a consultation process after an initial assessment in August 2022. The reef has been the centre of controversy for several years, with climate change just one of several factors posing threats.

A comment by the EFF: "People coming from Twitter tend to think of the fediverse as a Twitter-replacement [...] but that’s only a fraction of its potential. The question isn’t if the fediverse can replace Twitter ... With enough momentum the fediverse can be the fabric of the social web, incorporating existing systems like Tumblr and Medium and outright replacing stragglers."

ClientEarth sues Shell directors personally over mismanaging climate risk
"Shell’s Board is legally required to manage risks to the company that could harm its future success, and the climate crisis presents the biggest risk of them all", the organization says.

Carine Smith Ihenacho, the chief governance and compliance officer of Norges Bank Investment Management, which manages more than 13tn Norwegian kroner (£1tn) on behalf of the Norwegian people, said the fund was preparing to vote against the re-election of at least 80 company boards for failing to set or hit environmental or social targets.

Recognizing and demarcating Indigenous lands leads to reduced deforestation and increased reforestation, according to a new study that looked at more than 100 Indigenous territories in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Here is the study: https://academic.oup.com/pnasnexus/article/2/1/pgac287/7005261?login=false

Yes, it’s also mentioned in the article. I found it interesting as it gives some background information on Brazil and the circumstances to those who don’t know the country well (such as me).

Severe malnutrition and disease are decimating the Yanomami population in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, and on Jan. 20 the federal government declared a public health emergency. It didn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the circumstances, who have issued warnings for several years.

On Matrix (as suggested already) there is a room called “Redecentralize” with some competent people imho.

The Amazon rainforest is considered to represent one of the world's tipping points, where small, gradual changes can eventually lead to a large, sudden, permanent change. As deforestation progresses, it edges ever closer to this tipping point, at which point scientists believe the rainforest cannot be returned to its natural state, even if all of the cutting was stopped and the trees replanted.

Register an account and click “Make a contribution” (although you don’t). You should receive an email confirming that you successfully booked a ticket. (The only thing I don’t understand is that a site like opencollective.com is using Cloudflare if I may say so.)

is it creating more racism than diamonds extraction in africa or oil extraction in lands which previously were property of indian people?

It may not be worse than what they do in mining diamonds and other stuff, but it’s racism and therefore bad enough I would say.

Neither me. Maybe I’m a bot 😅

Maybe Nextcloud? They also have a photo gallery app. In einer anderen Community huer auf Lemmy hab’ ich gerade das gelesen: https://nextcloud.com/blog/announcing-nextcloud-hub-3-brand-new-design-and-photos-2-0-with-editor-and-ai/

Ad Frage 2: Es gibt auch noch die Möglichkeit, die Domain bei 1984 or Njalla zu registrieren.

Es sind schon sehr gute Alternativen dabei, aber huet noch zwei weitere in Deutschland: https://sichere-Videokonferenz.de https://meetzi.de

Oder vielleicht auch https://www.tixeo.com