The perfect sound.

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Some people here like to down vote for random nit picky reasons I’ve noticed or because they fanboy over certain topics and hate on anything that questions it. I also noticed people on the internet like to tear at anything, regardless of what they believe just because that’s how they are.

Fair point. I only looked at the app store. Assuming there are side load binaries available, that would work.

Yeah, it just gives me a broken link pic with the option to share it or download it. It’s probably because I’m using a mobile client. I’ll check it on my lappy later.

Looks like I’d have to download it to watch it.

Not saying it’s the best course of action, but I’ve definitely left some accounts in the graveyards of the internet because the effort of deleting them was more than it was worth to me.

Depending on how Myspace handled their old data when they changed directions long ago, teenage me may or may not still have an account.

Deleting social media is first thing I suggest whenever someone complains about it. Yep, I’m that guy.

I once had a really old lappy that I decided to run only in frame buffer mode. After I got a working mouse (for copy pasta) and screen (for backgrounding) it was actually fairly pleasant. Browsing the web, particularly. Ads are image / video based so those were automatically blocked and if I really wanted to see an image I could. Most websites have a really bad signal to noise ratio that was automaticlly filtered for me. I could even watch videos with mplayer frame buffer support.

Is there a community for shower thoughts or something similar?
I had a motivational message I wanted to share.

Hope it has mouse view.

Current climate crises (amongst other things) combined with my government’s inability / unwillingness to do what needs to be done about it.

“zoomies” You’re welcome.

Exactly. I’ve noticed people actually think before responding instead of just posting whatever half assed knee jerk reaction they think of first. The posts themselves are generally well thought out and lead to actual discussion as well instead of just being memes or whatever (not necessarily dunking on memes cuz they can be funny sometimes, but I believe they’re a sometimes food).