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It’s something that can definitely be felt.

The Internet’s early naive idealism was quickly overrun once capitalism caught up and figured out how to use it for it’s own nefarious purposes. It’s become corporate walled-gardens and filled with paper-thin communities, making it harder to find rich conversations and interesting topics for people to join in on together.

For all the issues places like the fediverse can have, it’s nice that there are still attempts being made to make the web feel more genuine.

Touch screens will just never be as productive as dedicated input peripherals. It’s similar to text editing in vim vs a GUI: point-and-click menu navigating and limited keyboard shortcuts bound to Ctrl will not be as productive as being entirely keyboard driven

Return to monke web1.0. Not even a joke, modern brutalist websites are wonderful to navigate

People want “flashiness” nowadays. I’ve had to deal with this line of thinking far too often. I’d much rather have a simple site as a collection of links: it loads quickly, looks clean, and it’s easy to maintain.

No surprise that the US doesn’t trust something they can’t control. The fact they’re worried about Linux but not about Mac and Windows kernels says a lot on trust one can place on the latter two

😒🤚display manager

😏 👉 startx

i’ve never tested start-up times with each but startx just makes a lot more sense when you’re just using a WM manager anyway. bonus points for looking cool and impressing your non-tech friends when logging in though

Maybe have additional info when browsing from the home page that shows how long ago was the last comment on a post, or how many additional comments have been added since the post was last viewed.

It’d make the “new comments” sort a lot easier to parse as you can easily ascertain which posts have enough new discussion to read through again.

I’m going to assume that the vast majority of homeless people do not want to be homeless. Homelessness is a direct result of the conditions created by capitalism, and under a socialist state such conditions would mitigated to such a degree to eradicate the issue. Guaranteed food, work, and housing is how a society eradiactes homelessness.

IRC’s been around for ages and got a huge foothold in tech circles. There’s a lot to hack around it and the process of setting it up and managing is very simple, not to mention the protocol is lightweight.

It fills its own role very well where persistent message history isn’t required, joining is easy, and to be incredibly robust.

Are you using AnySoftKeyboard? It’s the only FOSS keyboard I know of, and it does have a decent autocomplete. It can be kinda janky with it though, but it’s the price to pay as it doesn’t try to “learn” what you’re typing, but once you get used to it it’s really an incredible keyboard and I prefer it to the AOSP keyboard.

NFTs are the attempt to secure “scarcity” in digital commodities. There’s an absolute guarantee that the ruling class would love to NFTize everything it could online in order to profit off of things that instead could be digitally copied and redistributed endlessly.

If it helps you see my init.vim. Just a reminder to add ~/.local/share/nvim/lsp_servers to your $PATH so that any installed through the nvim-lsp-installer plugin are found.

It’s tangential, but what’s helped me has been this plugin

Makes it very easy to install, find, and update any language server available for neovim


They’ve somehow managed to consolidate the communications of so many groups outside of its original gaming focus with a “slick” UI and apparent ease of access. They’re under the guise of being cool despite being closed-source software with zero regard for security and use outside of their Electron wrapper.

The sooner it collapses the better, and I really hope Matrix rises in popularity. Even though the Discord bridge exists it isn’t 1:1 and you need to be a mod on the Discord end in order to even allow it, and nobody does.

This might be better as a bug report, but have there been any issues logging in? I can login on web normally with either username or email, but both Jerboa and lemmur give me an “invalid login” error every time

I’m just glad whenver Void gets more attention, it’s honestly incredible. Definitely not for inexperienced Linux users, but it’s a more sound choice for “minimalism” than Arch is. And an AUR-type repo could easily be maintained if users wanted it given how flexible xbps-src is.