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new community: Uxn
[!](/c/ is a community for the Uxn ecosystem

i mean, the article is about how we in the US focus exclusively on helmets as a silver bullet for bike safety. they’re not as effective as people in the US make them out to be, even though they are effective in some situations.

Would I be supposed to leave it hanging from my bike, exposed to the rain and theft? Or carry it with me into the shops and bars and keep an eye on it?

don’t worry, nobody in the US has solved that problem either. some people leave it on their handlebars, others put it in their backfit, others stow it away in a bag and carry it with them.

oh, come on. do they have to drag “web3” into everything?

That most of the time it’s a karma-grubbing rat race. Posts cater to the lowest common denominator, stir the pot, or both. This is of course made worse by the fact that some subreddits can block people without a certain amount of karma joining, and the algorithm does not give newer posts a fair chance at being seen.

go with Akkoma instead. there are more features and it’s actively maintained, in contrast to Pleroma where development is effectively stalled.

i got transported to Sky: Children of the Light. looks like i’m in paradise now :P

total equality. children deserve the same rights as adults. parents should guide, not exercise dictatorial control. a parent that doesn’t respect the rights and autonomy of their child does not deserve to be a parent.

the internet, by its very nature, can never truly be regulated. the deep web is huge and out of the reach of the powers that be, and it’s not prohibitively difficult to keep yourself hidden. information is slippery, for better or for worse, and if people think something is worthwhile they will make sure it escapes regulation or censorship. but if you’re talking about the big companies, they can absolutely be regulated, you just have to strongarm them into complying

won’t work. strikes with a definite end date are never effective, since companies can just plan around it. if we’re going to strike effectively, we need to stick it out for months and plan to continue it for years.

ah, i see. specifically, i see that the only religion they use to back up their claims that religion is bad is Christianity. no mention of Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. anywhere. so uh let’s see here…that’s a Texas sharpshooter fallacy (some people who are bad are Christians, therefore Christianity is bad) combined with an induction fallacy (Christianity is bad, therefore all religions are bad)? so much for the logic they claim to live by

i’ve been called a debate bro before for asking for sources to back up claims of fact. is that a common debate bro tactic?

explain like i’m 5: what is Reddit atheism?
i may be very naïve, but i genuinely have no idea what Reddit atheism is and how it differs from atheism in general

i only have two people blocked, at least one of which has been stirring shit in this thread. i should use the block button more, it seems like 99% of the toxicity on Lemmy comes from 1% of the people

Design around human connectedness, community building, community collaboration, accessability (even for technically illiterate), detoxing.

excuse my ignorance, but how is Lemmy not doing this already?

i turned off autocorrect because i type in a language unsupported by my keyboard. its insistent correcting to English pissed me off enough to make me turn it off. if i ever mistype something, the suggestion bar is still there

wait, so country music wasn’t always terrible?

i use Déjà Dup to make daily backups of my home folder to a Raspberry Pi

no, it’s purely a concept. there aren’t any plans i could find to actually build a functional os

i got taught about the the United States’ Gilded Age in 11th grade history. that’s all it took for me

karma. one reason we have so much high-quality content here is because there’s no incentive to gain upvotes. upvotes aren’t displayed on your profile and no communities are locked to people below a certain upvote count. if karma were added to Lemmy, we’d get a lot of pandering to the lowest common denominator and the entire community would become stratified

don’t engage them in public. engaging them in public gives them a platform to spread their vitriol and gives them visibility, which kind of defeats what you’re trying to do. as for dms and other private settings, use your discretion. i believe nobody is beyond saving, but it’s not your job to fix these people. don’t expend too much energy on them.

i think the Free Software movement is lost. regardless of the truth of these accusations, the supporters of the Free Software Movement are mindlessly defending RMS, who’s just an irrelevant figurehead now. the Free Software Movement is looking less like a movement and more like a personality cult

you could even extend it further and allow any sort of key-value pair like Mastodon.

the last two things go hand-in-hand. i never want to see a karma-like system because that would incite people to post just for karma. the content on here is very high-quality, and i think that’s thanks to the lack of karma; your total upvotes are never displayed publicly, so what does it matter if your post doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator?

i had a similar experience. i made a post on r/Brave about the lack of sensible defaults for the news feed (it had just rolled out to me at the time) and got a ton of reactionaries in the replies. i switched to Firefox out of spite and never looked back.

that is definitely one of the aesthetics ever

yes, but there are still the problems of security and accessibility. blocking external content is a band-aid.

EDIT: I noticed a downvote.

what’s funny to me is that the post has a downvote. a lot of posts on ! have one downvote. i’m imagining this cranky killjoy downvoting everything they see for no reason and it’s really funny to me

idk, i just saw a couple of references to it on their English-language homepage. there’s a page for it in the docs, but i can’t read Japanese

on the other hand, a lot of people often lengthen /e/ rather than /ɪ/, at least in my accent

the Dat Protocol is something i’ve experimented with before and it seems kind of promising

first, security: the web stack is almost impossible to implement securely. there will be vulnerabilities, which will be mercilessly exploited. second, privacy: tracking pixels and other spyware are everywhere in emails. third, accessibility: plaintext emails are a piece of cake for screen readers and braille displays, while HTML emails are a very mixed bag; and plaintext is universal; every email client, no matter how basic or esoteric, is able to display it.

yes, i addressed that in another reply. personally, for emphasizing things in plaintext, i use **Markdown**, which is actually pretty much universally understood.

although a lot of this is email clients’ fault. the developers of said email clients were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should, and now we’re all stuck with bad defaults.

the fact that nobody knows how to email anymore. nobody knows how to bottom-post, nobody knows how to trim quoted messages, nobody knows that you should always use plain-text email.

the problem is Lemmy works on a different protocol. Matrix clients can’t handle ActivityPub data.

i made a community for Laiqbun, an artistic constructed language.