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Wünsche auch allen einen schönen Sonntag. Ich möchte den Lemmy Entwicklern allen Instanzen und Inhalt erstellern danken, für ein so schönes system das einfach aufzusetzen ist und dadurch die Diversität und Unabhängigkeit im Netz fördert.

Keep up the great work!☺️

In my opinion the world isn’t that black and white. For example in my experience let’s compare eclipse (FOSS) Netbeans (I think it was FOSS too) and Intellij. Eclipse and Netbeans were both great IDE’s in the early days. The open plugin architecture of eclipse made Netbeans a de-facto dead project. But the extremely pluggable architecture of eclipse became the biggest disadvantage, e.g there were plugins which were incompatible together and it happened really fast that you broke your IDE. Besides the many legacy interfaces which were still present because of backwards compatibility made it really difficult for a new plugin developer to know which interface to choose for which functionalities. Then there were Jetbrains with their new (proprietary) IDE Intellij, which came long after eclipse, and increased there Market in a very short time, with a very stable piece of software and a clean and intuitive UI.

I was a long time user and defender of eclipse, but in the last 2 years I worked with Intellij and never looked back.

I get a 404 error when trying to open that link

JonnytoMemes@lemmy.mlUh oh...

really good trick, the downside (for me) is that after a big meal I’m tired and lazy which unfortunately leads me to not being able to be so tricky ;)

Doesn’t sym linking the theme works too? I’m using the alternatives way in Ubuntu

Which peer tube Version is known to work with Lemmy? I always have the following behaviour:

I only get a few videos synced once (after subscribing) and then nothing new is synced from this peer tube instance. I tested on my own Lemmy instance and

I like SearxNG. There are many free instances and it’s relatively easy to host your own🙂

Yep, mine is sleeping the whole evening and in that moment, when I decide to go to bed, she magically wake up and Jump n Runs through the whole flat

Cool, finally a desktop addition to the Android ultrasonic app. There is Sonixd as an alternative for the Desktop, wich is pretty nice too 🙂

I would love to have a flawless integration into Lemmy🙃

Works nice with the next loud music app🙂

By the way, for Android I can recommend ultrasonic

Indeed, I never used Reddit or anything similar because of their “closed” environment. And I love to have an own instance which can federate. t.b.h I first tried to setup a mastodon instance, but Lemmy was way more easy to setup and get running. I like the people too, and the Dev’s are open to issues and enhancements regardless of the way (matrix Lemmy itself or GitHub). Sometimes it still feels a little “beta” cause federation with foreign implementation’s e.g mastodon and peertube are not yet fully working, but as the release number state’s it is in a very early stage and I think Lemmy will become really big and great, and hopefully Facebook and all the other big provider will die in the long term 🤪

For small projects Fossil can be a really good alternative

But gitlab can be easily self hosted. I use my own Docker instance which is mirrored to Gitlab and Github and it’s pushed to Docker Hub

But now I’m considering to remove the github mirror…