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I subscribed some Pixelfed & YouTube-feeds in separate groups to check out if/how this is working. On Friendica-Web, I’ll get a feed the way I like it - except that I wasn’t able to find a way to show the entire content instead of the ‘Show more’-area in every picture.

On Fedilab, the YouTube-group appears text-only, the Pixelfed-group doesn’t work at all (feels like a timeout?)

On tooot, the YouTube-feed is pretty fine - correct picture preview with a link to the video, but timeout in case of Pixelfed, too. Hm.

Nah, I find this uncomfortable, because especially regarding Pixelfed the essential of the post - the media - are not shown in the timeline.

Wanted: RSS reader for Social Media-feeds - recommendations?
Again and again it is mentioned as an elementary advantage of Mastodon & Co. that ActivityPub-feeds are accessible from everywhere thanks to RSS. That's true - but I don't have the right reader for such a purpose. I would like to have a doomscrolling-timeline for all the services that are accessible via RSS, not an article-reader like RSS clients usually are - with previews, open article, etc. Is there an app like '[Fritter](https://fritter.cc/)' that not only allows access to Twitter, but also to follow accounts via Nitter, Mastodon, PeerTube, etc. etc.? Can be for Android or Windows...

As I am running an instance for location X, but located in Y, I can at least tell you about fediobserver that this is simply about the location of the IP of the instance.

Recently he said in an interview on the question, how one comes on such a stupid name that there is no further context to it, creativity is simply not his strength. And now I wonder if he denies his favorite band in addition to the Fediverse, or if we’ve been following an urban legend all these years. 🤔

> Västtrafik, ein öffentliches Verkehrsunternehmen in Westschweden, hat in Zusammenarbeit mit 13 Gemeinden ein Projekt mit dem Namen Winter Cyclist gestartet. Der Idee ist einfach: 420 Personen erhalten kostenlos Spikereifen und Warnwesten, wenn sie in diesem Winter an mindestens drei Tagen pro Woche das Auto stehen lassen und stattdessen mit dem Fahrrad fahren. > Die Teilnehmer werden außerdem in Gemeindeteams eingeteilt, und anhand der Fahrraddaten wird ermittelt, welche Gemeinde am meisten Fahrrad fährt. Das Projekt ist jedoch nicht als Wettbewerb gedacht. Ziel ist es, die Idee zu fördern, dass nachhaltige Mobilität unabhängig vom Wetter sein kann, was für die nördlichen Klimazonen wichtig ist. Aber wenn es jemand schafft, das Radfahren im Winter zu einem weit verbreiteten und gängigen Verkehrsmittel zu machen, dann sind es die Schweden. *Übersetzt mit DeepL Free*

I came from TheOldReader, as the service seems to be no longer seriously maintained, and ended up with the commercial InoReader, which is really fabulously good, but crazy expensive in the premium variant, without which there are no filters. Unfortunately.

Nextcloud News I tried, in the development currently unfortunately still a few decades behind. Self-hosted FreshRSS I had on the list, CommaFeed not yet tried. Even though we’re getting off topic here (well, it’s more the origin post I think, which seems pretty jumbled), I’d also be interested in what speaks for/against this service.

So that people who subscribed to the Hashtag from anywhere else get notified about it. But afaik this is only working in the topic as the rest doesn’t federate - at least to Mastodon.

Aber was kostet die Kilowattstunde denn nun für französische Abnehmer:innen? Laut Tagesschau beträgt der Deckel für Strompreiserhöhungen für 2022 4 Prozent.

Energiekrise: Frankreich will Strompreise länger deckeln

Von [@derlemue@social.lemue.org](https://social.lemue.org/@derlemue) betriebene PeerTube-Instanz. Bietet darüber hinaus auch Privatebin, Bitwarden, Matrix, IRC, GitLab und eine Mastodon-Instanz an. https://apps.lemue.org https://hosting.derlemue.com Support (Betriebskosten bei Hetzner 59€ mtl.) 🤑 ➡️ https://paypal.me/derlemue

How to join federated communities?
I am surprised that this issue exists at all - but can it really be that with Lemmy it is not possible to search or join communities from other instances except for lemmy.ml!? I'd like to enter something like `!discuss@lemmy.social` ![](https://lemmy.ca/pictrs/image/899feafc-d17b-4836-ae64-2b7d19db569b.png)

Rather something like Trakt as it’s available for Kodi, Netflix, etc. I’m wondering how such a great concept has never been made elsewhere in the FOSS-area while there are plenty of apps for Trakt.

Ich will raus aus der Stadt