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Should really have (2015) in the title

Received: 17 March 2015 / Revised: 12 June 2015 / Accepted: 12 June 2015 / Published: 17 June 2015

exfat for simple USB Storage, works on any OS (linux just needs exfat-utils and fuse)

Ext4 for linux drives

The title should have been “consider switching”. That said ripgrep (one example of a unix tool taken next-level) is literally a game changer.

Upon entry, please report for freenode passport inspection.

From the user experiences I’ve heard, they seem pretty lenient. I’m sure like any other ISP they check and will call you out of if they get a Cease and Desist letter for P2P content.

I guess you could ask them before signing up if your desired uses are acceptable to them.

Yup they seem to have excellent peering and backbones for their services, very impressive stuff.

With 5Gbit, not sure if their ToS has an anti-server clause.

+1 to these guys. They are worth every dollar, and the only consumer provider in Canada offering (that offered?) 5Gbit symmetrical to normal users

It would be nice if they reforwarded irc.gnu.org to libera chat, in the future.

You should contact them and ask why they’re using cloudflare insights (it’s analytics), and cloudflare at all.

Didn’t know qtb was Chromium based, always assumed it was one of the good outliers :(

Lynx is performant enough for the majority of web text content, excluding sites that choose to impose terrible Cloudflare blocks

This is beneficial for Windows enterprise shops with Linux users. Assuming their IE webapps migrate to Edge Chromium, it’ll be super convenient for their Linux users.

Aside from that, everyone should be using non-Chromium browsers (Firefox, qutebrowser built with QtWebKit, lynx, ???)