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I wish they were getting common in Brazil, with national computer builders. Over here, 500 Euros is over 3000 Reais which is enough to live reasonably well. Most people’s wage is way below that. Also, importing electronics over here means paying a 100% tax, so double that amount. Even Raspberries (and the sort) cost over R$ 500,00 , which defeats the purpose of being a cheap, accessible free computing device.

I don’t know how big, worldwide computer manufacturers get to sell their computers over here for R$ 1000,00 - 3000,00, but if they don’t get aboard pre-installed Linux computers, we will be stuck with Windows for the average users for a long time.

If no national manufacturer spurs up, all that I can hope is that Unix consoles like Switch and and SteamDeck, plus european manufacturers of Linux-PCs, will eventually influence the big brands to diverse a little.