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@sexy_peach Since discovering Friendica’s native RSS support, I’ve finally been able to enjoy the full power of RSS! ❤️

@oliver the Friendica social platform includes a fantastic integrated RSS reader that allows each user to follow in their own feed everything that has an RSS Feed. And if the source does not have a real Feed, there are still the so-called Bridges: online services such as rss.trom.tf (made available by the generous @tio ) which allow the flow of platforms to be converted into a feed like twitter, telegram etc

“When to use Friendica over Mastodon?”

Short answer: always

Long answer: Friendica is the software of the fedeverse that allows the most complete user experience. However, thanks to the fact that Mastodon was the first successful project on activitypub and to the fact that it addressed a very specific target (Twitter users), its users have always been much more numerous than those of other software and this has meant more money and more funding which has allowed the mastodon developers to improve many aspects.
For this reason, as well as for contingent reasons (the immediacy of microblogging is an immanent feature), the comparison between Friendica and Mastodon highlights some aspects in which Mastodon is objectively superior. Between these:
- an essential and compact timeline
- universal compatibility, due simply to the fact that all other fediverse projects must adapt to mastodon if they don’t want to be cut off from the larger audience
- a modern and ergonomic graphical interface (while the Friendica one looks like the alpha version of MySpace)
- apparently faster servers: this is due to the fact that some fediverse virtualization and optimization projects are focused on mastodons; But this is also a consequence of the fact that the greater number of mastodon users allows the servers hosting the community to be financed with more donations. moreover, the increase in users of a single instance generates disruptions, slowdowns and shock waves for the entire faith universe. In fact, the disproportionate increase in mastodon users in the last three months has also led to a slowdown for smaller instances: today friendica servers are also slowed down due to the increase in mastodon users.
- mastodon has an excellent moderation system that allows you to limit the proliferation of bots, spam and scams
- mastodon is clearly aimed at an audience made up of former Twitter users; friendica on the other hand, despite being the only real alternative to Facebook, presents itself as an object without clear characterization, without a “strong message”, and aimed at a heterogeneous audience

Friendica 2023.01 released
[FRIENDICA 2023.01 RELEASED](https://friendi.ca/2023/01/15/friendica-2023-01-released/) ---------- Christian Pöschl from usd AG has found another XSS vulnerability in Friendica which is closed with this hotfix release of Friendica. In addition some other bugfixes for the distribution of forum postings and improvements to the update process of node information are included in this release. For details, please the **[CHANGELOG](https://git.friendi.ca/friendica/friendica/src/branch/stable/CHANGELOG)** file in the repository. [LINK](https://friendi.ca/2023/01/15/friendica-2023-01-released/)

@liwott sì ,hubzilla ha anche i gruppi. Fondamentalmente devi pensare a hubzilla come un friendica teoricamente petfezionato nel protocollo di comunicazione e in altre funzioni, ma ancora con dei forti problemi di ergonomia e una curva di apprendimento molto ripida…
In ogni caso, ho guardato obzilla con molto interesse, ma non sono riuscito ad appassionarmi.
L’idea che mi sono fatto è che utilizzare hubzilla per vivere il fediverso è come utilizzare Blender per fare fotoritocco 🤣🤣🤣

@Roslavets @poliverso All instances of the fediverse, once activated, begin to search for each other. Depending on the number of connections and interactions in common, it may take more or less time. But they continually send out small inputs, like grains of pollen wandering through the air 😅💐