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Seeing your up alias reminded me of a bash function I setup a while ago also called up. I use it to simulate doing cd .. n number of times. e.g. up 5 would go up 5 directory levels.

up ()
    local levels;
    local i;
    [[ -z "$1" ]] && levels=1 || levels="$1";
    for ((i=0; i<levels; i++))
        cd ../;

It’s probably the smallest, yet most convenient thing I’ve setup on my machines. Especially so if you work in languages with lots of nested subdirectories (like Java).

Not sure if I’m just too used to the classic design, but the new one looks pretty cramped to me. Also, while I can’t read French, it seemed like I got an ad at the top of the page, which hopefully isn’t the direction Wikipedia is going.

Anything zipped will presumably eventually want to be unzipped. Personally, I’d create a directory, and unzip it in there, since sometimes it’s just a bunch of files instead of being in a directory.