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Mastodon can enable a feature where you have to write the reason you want to join. That could solve a lot of these problems.

If this continues, I will leave the site.

Remember that invidious is run by volenteers. Give your favourite instance a donation of 1$ a month.

If the artist doesnt give you good enough options to enjoy their content, I think it is fair to pirate. If an musician only distribute their music through spotify or if one season of your favourite show is sold for 60 bucks.

Perhaps have a rule of presenting oneself before being allowed to post anything could filter them away.

Theory of everything!

I’m all for that!

I think the best thing we can do, is to organize. Not only internationally, but locally as well. To engage all kinds of people in digital issues.

I lost you at “let alone to have his pronouns respected”.

You disrespect somebody by refusing their identity and then you cry about being disrespected. In Norway we have a saying “den som er med på leken, må tåle steken”. Those who join the game, must accept the grilling.

Im not suggesting that the text to be translated should be posted to instances. That would break the right to privacy.

However, I think a fediverse could improve such offline tools that you are referencing as well improve translation tools that has access to the internet.

This could for example be done by having instances specifically designed to create dictionaries through collaboration, perhaps with a very specific theme. An instance could have an aim for creating definitions in mathematics, for children or for carpenters. A dictionary could then be generated from a set of instances.

These definitions could be designed to allow for automation of translation. Perhaps through use of functional definitions.

Love the idea! By the way, does humane tech have conferences? If so, I think it would be a great way to mobilize the lemmy community.

You are not welcome here.

I dont know how this could be achieved, but I do think we will see amazing ideas as the fediverse cultivates.

No doubt its difficult, but we need to envision how to create translation tools that ensures the peoples independence.

Very interesting, but is it still under development?

Im interested in structuring information. So for example editing text, using spreadsheets or mindmapping.

Distraction free operating system

Are there any operating system designed to be as distraction free as possible? …

In long term, I think the fediverse can solve this issue with federated and interconnected tools. Each software putting emphasis on a different aspect of analysis of language and each instance aiming to map the undefined and discuss contraversies.

Dictionaries can be built up from a subsection of instances that focus on definitions. Perhaps have some kind of functional approach to definitions.

Translation instances could use these dictionaries actively to quicker find good translations.

Nothing will happen from this. Apple can’t influence politics.

I’m kind of pissed off because I’ve been reading this for 3 minutes without having any idea what the project is about.

Norsk video deling samfunn rundt meistring

Flytande meistring er eit video deling samfunn der du kan posta videoar som oppmuntrar til meistring. Her kan du posta om din progressjon, gode øvingar og gje inspirasjon. Eg ønskjer at alle skal vera nøgd med korleis samfunnet blir styrt, så om det er noko du mislikar så oppfordrar eg til å gje til…

What lemmy communities are you subbed to on your mastodon/ plemora account?

I’m currently subbed to green, esperanto and lemmy. …

Should Lemmy really compare themselves to others?

On the join lemmy page, we can see this description for lemmy: …

A comparison of the decentralization potential for email and mastodon

I was reading this post by Alyssa Rosenzweig and found it to be a very enjoyable read. …

A good mentality for a blooming fediverse

We have yet to see the pioneers of the fediverse. Both in terms of development and culturally. But in order to ensure that these pioneers will flourish, we need to have the right mindset. A mindset that will ensure that our energy is spent as well as possible. …

Smart phone apps to record and edit simultaniously

So I’ve been using tiktok for a while and I really like the feature of recording and editing videos simultaneously. Here’s the process: …

Idea for word processing software

Looking for a word processing software where it’s much easier to set up your styles. There are several modes. …

Download videos from twitter

I’m looking for a way to download videos from twitter. I’d prefer if it is lightweight, perhaps using terminal. …

I’m using an addon called Tab Manager Plus as side panel to manage tabs and windows. I’m also using bookmarks and RSS as syndication. Currently, I can’t view both tabs and bookmarks at the same time. Newsblur is managing my syndication so I have to navigate to their site instead of having it being a…

Video navigation software

I’m looking for software that can quickly navigate a single long video. I will be using this to analyze buildings. Key features would be: . super fast forward/backwards. …

Social media should embrace creative commons

To get our heads around how good decentralized social media can get, lets just look at creative commons. Let me explain how powerful creative commons can be. …

An addon I'd like to see

Tabs often gets very cluttered. But I know which tabs that I always want to stay open. Email, social media, RSS feed, messenging. In short navigation tabs where you are only in the home screen. …