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considering I don’t know proper touch typing and have my weird typing, hitting 64wpm is really nice for me

GNOME used to use point releases numbers and decided to switch to full releases numbers, as the changes made in 40 were big enough for the different naming scheme, and they wanted to separate GNOME version releases and GTK version releases, as they were more often than not used interchangeably.

So instead of 1, 2, 3, 40 it was 3.34, 3.36, 3.38, and 40 instead of 3.40.

For most distros using GNOME 41, the change will come in the 41.2 update, coming December 4th…

They will (unfortunately) keep using Windows because it’s what works for them. But then again they’d never do the Linux challenge otherwise. It’s content, and what they are facing are valid problems that need to be solved if Linux desktop wants to be a real competitor to Microsoft and Apple.

Of course, there’s not much we can do besides call out these bad practices and ask for Linux versions of the software we need, so I also think most of the criticism of the second episode is kinda bland.

My advice? Switch to Element Chat or literally anything else than Team/Skype, ffs.

Easier said than done when his entire company already uses it. You’re not going to get more people to switch by acting like that. Of course it’d be great if they could just switch everything in a second, but it’s not how things work.

They stated pretty clearly in episode 1 that they COULD get help from the specialists on the team, but it is supposed to be the “average user” experience, so they limited themselves to online searching only for troubleshooting.

no, also DT clearly has a bias against GNOME, dude’s been spreading hate against it for quite a while now

this time it at least looks like its focusing on the open-ness of open source instead of just the free-of-cost nature of it, and after seeing other parts of the german government switching to more open platforms (like parts of their health and military comms switching to matrix), we can at least be cautiously optimistic

hopefully more and more will do so, even if they only have saving money as the reason

lol I was sure someone would have already posted here, even took some time to search before sharing here

Was afraid it would be using Electron or stuff like that, was pleasantly surprised to see it’s made in Rust + Flutter. Good pick.

tbh the main selling point of it is that you can pick and prod and tweak it extensively to make it look and feel EXATLY like you want, for your use case I think you’re more than fine with KDE

I can kind of say the same for elementary, never been much of a fan of it, but I think the innovations they brought helped the GNOME team A LOT with actually moving forward with the vision they have for the project.

The 1:1 gestures, the rounded corners (without going too far on those, like deepin likes to do), the system integration for light/dark modes (instead of the more hack-y theme option that we’ve been using for years), the horizontal navigation of the workspaces, these are all things elementary was implementing for a while and which GNOME soon followed, which ends up being great for everyone that uses both of them.

I’d like if someone created a gnome-like UI based on QT

so cutefish? it’s more mac-like than GNOME like, but it’s kind of a elementaryOS but with Qt instead of GTK

yeah, the system76 / GNOME team relationship hasn’t been on the best of terms for a while

I mean, one of their engineers also works on Redox OS

to be honest the only atypical thing about his setup is running everything through the thunderbolt connection, his hardware is as common as it gets, with the only possible pain point being NVIDIA

Good one, the only thing I wouldn’t recommend for everyone would be the fastestmirror option as it just takes in consideration response time and in some cases (mine included) it was significantly slower in real use. That said DNF-Faster seems great, will try it out.

Classic LTT clickbait, they know the linux community is thirsty for their linux challenge

NVIDIA 495.29.05 beta drivers released with GBM support
  • Added support for the GBM API. This adds the new symlink nvidia-drm_gbm.so pointing to the file libnvidia-allocator.so.VERSION to implement a GBM backend driver usable with the GBM loader from the Mesa project version 21.2 and above, as well as the files libnvidia-egl-gbm.so.1.1.0 and 15_nvidia_gb…

GNOME 42 - Dark Style Preference

TL;DR GNOME will have a system-wide dark style preference in 42. Please update your apps to support it, see the instructions

This is a bugfix release that is API and ABI compatible with previous 0.3.x releases.


Microsoft Windows 10 biometric user authentication systems Windows Hello can be bypassed, using a single infrared image of a user’s face planted on a tampered clone of an external USB-based webcam.