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Create a community. !me_irl wasn’t the right place for my hard-hitting memes about depression and stuff, so I created !2meirl4meirl

Most of your posts are fine, though.

It could be that your ISP is trying to slow down multimedia downloads. Try using a VPN, and see how an Invidious download compares to a Pop!_OS ISO.

If that fails, I’m afraid I’m all out of ideas.

I think it must just be your internet. Sorry!

Huh, weird. And what OS are you running?

Weird. Which browser are you using?

Try a different server (I’d recommend this one).

If that doesn’t work, try running LibreSpeed to see if it’s you. If it is, you can try disabling any VPN, proxy, or Tor daemon you have running and try again, or simply turn your internet (whether it’s ethernet, WiFi, LiFi, or mobile data) off and on again.

On Windows, I used to use FeedReader Desktop. On Linux and BSD, I use Liferea. On iOS, I use RSS Mobile.