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Sadly, I had not read the comments from @rysiek@szmer.info because szmer.info is blocked on feddit.de for whatever reason. The detailed rebuttal from @rysiek@szmer.info indeed makes this thread worthwhile, and I would love if I could upvote that comment.

I‘ve stuck to wired ear buds for a long time. But when you‘re using them on the go, the cables have a tendency to break. After lots and lots of broken cables over the years, I made the switch to wireless. Very happy so far. My wireless buds have already outlived all their wired counterparts that I had before.

I don‘t understand why this is upvoted. It‘s pretty clear from the start that the author is not interested in constructive criticism. I don‘t have any stake in ActivityPub, and not really an opinion whether it is a good or a bad protocol. But this article is just an angry rant, and a complete waste of time.

Noob question: What does this interoperability look like in practice? Because I haven’t been able to use my Lemmy account in a Mastodon client.