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I believe NitroKeys are open source too? i don’t think a lot of sites fully support FIDO2 tho

I used to do food not bombs and also had a phase where i was drinking in public a lot and ended up chilling with a lot of homeless people at nearby parks and such

It seems unrealistic for the site to maintain lists of working instances. I’ve been using https://github.com/libredirect/libredirect, it supports a ton of services and instances and is actively maintained

slave mentality taught from a young age, read Neitzsche

XFCE seems the go-to for most serious customizations i’ve seen

I’m starting to get interested, how much does it cost to get started? I understand the costs of hardware, but actual fish, I don’t have a ton of money lol

I made the mistake of showing my boss Pirate Bay on a work computer without adblock, it was pretty funny

my point being that it’s a lot for facebook to worry about, banning it in general probably stops a lot of poaching

how can traders prove their fish were acquired sustainably and ethically

lemmy is going down-hill. who fucking cares, use it or don’t

Many times, in what context? Most were camping related

gentoo, i haven’t used it for years and it’s not easy for noobs but everyone was super cool

it’s better to spend like $10 on a debrid like premiumize.me and get everything from every service, bonus black market economy

A good place to follow recent HD releases?

I’m waiting on Eternals and Spider-man but but I don’t watch cams, is there a place to track it?..


Recs for a reliable vanlife van without breaking the bank?

I prefer higher ceilings and enough room for a small toilet area. I know Sprinters are gold standard, but they’re not cheap and maintenance sucks. Still prob cheaper than rent if i finance it. …


How to register FB/Insta without a phone number?

The disposable SMS sites haven’t worked so far, will I just have to buy some?..


Kolektiva.social down?

I think it was offline a bit yesterday too…


Can we seed peertube videos in standard torrent apps?

I know libtorrent added webtorrent support a while back, how does it work? I tried it in qBittorrent and Transmission, and it downloads from the webseed only…


Open link in new window?

That would be a nice feature, unless I’m missing it…


How do I find good counterfeits of clothes, sun glasses, etc?

Aliexpress or similar sites? Good search terms?..