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Learn an instrument. Met a lot of amazing people and had a lot of amazing experiences in band.

Yeah. Tourists are annoying, and can kill your culture. But they pay the bills.

I feel like a lot of these are non issues. It’s not like we have any shortage of land, and for the most part, we don’t have a shortage of water, especially considering that many farmers are using well or rain water. And while veggies do have significant amounts of protein for a small amount of carbon, you have to eat much more to get the same amount of protein. I don’t mean to shit on vegetarians, and I understand some of their logic, but I think it’s gonna be a while before the economic and environmental benefits of plant-based protein can even come close to the health benefits of meat.

Yeah. I would personally recommend using a website that you own, and then linking to in on Lemmy, but it is entirely possible to use Lemmy as a blog.

Pretty alright. Been super busy lately with the start of the school year, but apart from that, everything is going pretty good.

People in the US choose to drive for the majority of their trip because there’s no other way to do it. There are no trains, and most of the buses (If they exist) don’t go to very many places.

But yeah, the Rainforest Cafe idea is pretty stupid. It didn’t make for a good video, and I don’t understand.

It’s a road trip for the sake of a road trip. I don’t get it, but there’s a lot of people who love them.

Arch Linux is not inherently more secure than other distros. Try Fedora, Debian, or even gasp Ubuntu.

I am both the tech conserverative and the FSF member. I use Ubuntu for my phone and desktop, Emacs with EXWM, Icecat, and Tails.

Don’t forget Freetube!!

I still see some people on midwest.social.

Because on a laptop, where you are going to use the keyboard, it’s just easier to use a mouse. Raising your arms to touch the screen is less ergonomic than just reaching for a mouse or trackpad.

No. I use EXWM, and while it’s technically possible, it’s not very practical. You need to set transparency in the Emacs frame and then use a wallpaper setter. I much prefer the solid color of a regular Emacs buffer.

Edit: Tried it out. It’s not too bad.

Wallpapers on workspace thumbnails in GNOME 42?
When using GNOME, I really like using workspace thumbnails. But, I would like to add the desktop wallpaper instead of the gray background. I couldn't find anything in the settings, just perfection, or on any forums. How do you enable it?