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It’s true! Sometimes the internet seams really smoll.

I’m a simple person, I see Nix I upvote.

Thanks for the comment, I may copy some stuff. :p

I used dash as my /bin/sh due to it being a lot lighter & faster than bash.

Right now I’m trying out ion as my interactive shell and so far it works great.

Fish is cool tho.

Nobody remembers that rights were payed in blood. Literally nobody. Everyone thinks that at some point in history we suddenly obtained them or something.

And the fact that those rights were fought by the left is even more forgoten…

I not only hate cars but also capitalism so…

Some people really needs to read that. ^

And regarding the quote-reply: I’ve seen some other fediverse software implementing it and it had not provoked any toxicity. I think that in nhe end it really depends on its users.

And also on the fact that the fediverse does not have an algorithm that promotes hate speach.

Looks brutal. I wish I had an AMD GPU.

Yeah, both have the exact same unexisting security model.

Twitter should be obliterated from existence, as all comercial social media should be. It might once have played an important rol on bringing together communities of opressed people, but beliving that it’s a tool for emancipation is deceving yourself, at best.

It’s not the first text I read that says something along those lines and that makes me sad. Don’t forget that things like Twitter promote hate speach in the name of money. (Or instagram knowing how harmfull it is for teenagers and not giving a crap…)

One must be pretty naïve to belive things like that, use decentralised plataforms owned and operated by the people.

I wish they used a sane UI on Android. But yeah, I look forward to see how it evolves.

Matrix is a federated IM platform. But it does not use ActivityPub, they use their own protocol.

I have mixed feelings regarding matrix.

Oh god no.

The fediverse is not suited for E2EE IM.

If you require secrecy, anonimity or privacy, use something dessigned for it.

It’s another client, not another network. And they have a FOSS version that’s even aviable on F-Droid.

Not a single country is free from commiting atrocitties an some point in history. I’m not justifiying it tho. After all, we’re all human beings, nationalities do not matter. We should help (or at the very least respect) each other.

Molly is just a security focused fully FOSS 3rd party client.

It being undeclared is, indeed, a BIG problem. And I wasn’t aware of it not being consumed in the UK. Here it’s pretty normal. It’s also considered a healthy meat. Tastes pretty well.

Thanks for the info. :D

What happend with horse meat and lasagna? Both taste good, I want to hear the lore.

Is it impossible to delete your account?? Well that’s quite bad.

What a surprise. How can someone be so stupid? HOW? I can’t belive humanity sometimes.

I’ve read it (in my local library) and I liked it.

It’s nice to hear that at least some people is doing fine.

Not too well, I feel the presure building inside of me growing bigger. And I’ve been feeling like an stupid latetly regarding academical matters. Also, who do you guys manage the fact that this world is compleatly fucked up and we have near zero hope to change it?

I don’t want to ruin anyones mood, sorry for that. But sometimes is to much.

Eating is a human right and a BASIC NEED. You should not need money for staying alive. Also: Even with a job (or somotimes multiple ones) some people can’t afford it because capitalism is funny.

I use a bunch of tor/i2p searx instances. They work great.

Matrix and IRC can exist at the same time tho.

I really want to take the interrail after finishing uni. With my friends if possible.

I love trains & traveling.

I’ve never understood that. It’s like saying that I’m ⅒ African because humanity evolved from there.

Isn’t X11 already on mantainance mode?

It’s fucking amazing. And also the long distance tickets are 50% off.

I love books, I own an ereader _(a kindle)_ and while I would love to support culture I'm not giving Amazon a single cent. Any site recomendations for ebooks? EN or ES. Thanks.

Hidden Services and/or eepsites.
Hi peoles of the fediverse, I hope you're having a nice day. I wanted to ask a question: Are there any lemmy instances out there providing a **hidden service** _(.onion)_ or an **eepsite** _(.i2p)_? I wasn't able to find any and, at least for me, it would be a cool thing to have. Thanks for your attention.

A libre alternative to Kahoot?
I don't know if it exists, but in case that it does it will be really cool. Kahoot is used a lot in my country for playing in class.

Which password manager do you use and why?
*(If you use one, obviously)*

Wich domain register should I choose and why?
I want to play around a bit with [Gemini](https://gemini.circumlunar.space/) and start building my own blog/tutorial site or whatever comes to my mind idk. So any recommendations? *(if possible not only based on price, privacy/foss are important principles for me, is there's something like that).*