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Finde solchen Foren immer toll wenn man sich ein Bild anschauen möchte und dafür extra ein Benutzerkonto braucht 🙄

I’ll do you one better: Everything in the known universe is either bananas or not bananas

Probably either has to be the Atom Bomb or the Lunar Landing. Summarising 100 years in one picture is an impossible task especially since humanity grew so fast in so many areas, so quickly. There is less than a lifetime between the Wright Brothers and Apollo 11. That fact allone already blows my mind.
And if you’re looking for a negative photo you’d probably have to take some kind of image where Regan and Thatcher meet, because they both fucked us over to an extent we still feel today.

That should be totally up to the writer

and the British are German. Incestuous circlefucking does that over time