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A popularity contest is based on competition and can be exclusionary. In this case, it’s not about saying “which user is better than X user”, it’s only about thanking them for their contribution (at least that’s how I have interpreted it).

I personally don’t see it as a popularity contest. I see it more as an opportunity to show appreciation to other users of this community.

In your comments you show that you know a lot about free software, programming languages and the Fediverse in general (I have learned a lot here thanks to people like you) and you seem like a friendly person :D

You usually make very interesting comments about open source software, you are very friendly with the community, and you contribute a lot to Lemmy. So yeah, imo you deserve it :)

These are for me the most interesting users to read about (among others, I mean I would put more, but the list would be too long!)

This is useful, I will try it on my computer. Thanks!

Is a free and open-source desktop environment for GNU/Linux operating systems. https://wikiless.org/wiki/GNOME?lang=en

This is the announcement: https://www.hexbear.net/post/159221

And yes, Lemmy’s developers want to integrate emojis too (check this tag for more info)

It’s a pity that promising projects like Elementary OS collapse due to economic issues. Clearly this would not have happened if they had been able to implement a sustainable business model, but are they going to be able to compete head to head with Microsoft and Apple in the field of operating systems?

I mean, Windows not only has a monopoly, but also has the backing of many other US companies that boycott the GNU/Linux community (Nvidia, Adobe…). It’s a shame that this has happened, and I hope that at least someone will take over Elementary OS so that the same thing that happened to Antergos doesn’t happen to it :(

Café Marx and The Deprogram. Café Marx is a podcast from Spain that gathers a few Marxists to discuss and debate about some topics related (or not) to Marxism. The Deprogram is also Marxist-leaning, but the format and contributors are very different.

Microsoft is Finally Ditching Electron

*The senior vice president of Microsoft Teams announced that Teams would be moving to their own Edge Webview2 Rendering Engine ditching Electron for seeking performance gains. It is marketed that Teams would consume 2x less memory as a result of the transition. It would be called Teams 2.0 and might…


A private, cross-platform package tracking app. …