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  • double-ratchet E2E encryption using AES-256-GCM cipher with X3DH key agreement using 2 ephemeral Curve448 keys to derive secrets for ratchet initialization. These keys and secrets are separate for each contact, group membership and file transfer …

To be clear I don’t mean to shit on the platform, I’m just approaching it with a lot of cynicism.

It seemed to me you meant to imply that you, unfortunately, dislike Julian Assange?

For iOS Remmel is good, I am actually typing this from it.

For more than 99 percent of our history as humans, we lived close to nature. We lived in the open. The first house with a roof appeared only 5,000 years ago…

associate themselves with Wikileaks and/or Julian Assange

What’s wrong with that?

This is absolute nonsense. Suzie Dawson can be odd, but not right-wing, just anti-imperialist.

If communism didn’t work on its own, capitalist countries wouldn’t need to constantly sanction and strangle those societies, whose goal is implementing it.

If it was a failure, they’d just let it fail on its own. But they never do that.

The only reason the American capitalists fight it so hard, because its success exposes their failure at home.

No, but its formulation seems to imply that there is such a definition, that the US obviously don’t satisfy it but that a lot of americans mistakenly believe that it does.

The definition doesn’t exist, but yet, yes, many Americans do believe it still.

  • Introducing ability to send password reset/sign up emails via MAIL_PORT …


An Arch based distro with broadened kernel hardware support options…

OPs question is not about whether you can objectively define that a country is ‘’great’’ but rather what is it that constitutes their country as ‘’greatest’’ or exceptional in the (subjective) minds of many Americans nowadays?

I think the Lemmy devs should really consider implementing privacy pass for this problem: https://github.com/brave-intl/challenge-bypass-ristretto

It should keep only some of the facts, the major, recognisable ones, but fictionalise all of the little details and incidents which we can no longer know happened anyway.

Fixing visual bugs, security vulnerabilities and improving federation, it is an all-around recommended update…

Most notably voice calls probably.

PineNote . Open. Eink notetaking + reader. Should be ideal to fully transition from paper.

Yes, to conduit.rs Because I think an alternative Matrix server implementation apart from the official one should exist.

I guess you have to split it by economy and social issues. Then, economically conservative, but socially left, you get liberals.

Socialists and communists are (usually) aspiring to be both economically and socially left. The right is both economically, and (to a varying degree) socially conservative…

I could if they implemented screen rotation:-(

Self-sovereign identity they called it.

An effort for a linkable identity to follow you even across decentralized systems…

I assume it should work, but has Misskey federation been tested also? They have a Rust library directly: https://docs.rs/misskey-api/0.2.0/misskey_api/

I assume you could also make Misskey work with direct messages, like you did Pleroma, by linking read:messaging and write:messaging in the API, while Misskey can also do write:page-likes and read:page-likes, which may be of specific interest to Lemmy federaton.

Apparently they stripped out the federation somehow too…