I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I am retired and had numerous careers including Wall Streeter where I was turned into an economist. I left Wall Street to advance my career as a professional photographer. After moving to CA I became a business owner, writer and social butterfly.

I now live in the Central Highlands of Costa Rica since my retirement and indulge my passion for international travels as you can see on my personal travel photography website:


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@wiki_me no offense wiki_me, but it doesn’t matter how good your group is, you and others should begin to consider migrating to a different platform.

Much the same as the over-the-top hubris of Musk, Zuckerberg blew it with his multi-billion dollar screw up thinking his virtually reality Metaverse was the future. It isn’t and it’s going to facilitate the collapse of his platform and ego.

@tristan in your thinking how could it be screwed up?

Just wondering.

@jackalope Facebook has become nothing more than a social media advertising platform. Every third feed for me was an ad.

@trader_one @DepressedDove a major media outlet did a poll of verified Twitter accounts to see how many were willing to pay $8 per month for a blue check.

NOT A SINGLE ONE was willing to pay the monthly fee.

Twitter is toast!

@trader_one @DepressedDove
If advertisers will determine the fate of Twitter, then Twitter is going to die quickly and quietly.

The mass layoffs is proving to be an unmitigated disaster. Twitter realized too late that they laid-off engineers that are critical to the system functioning. Many engineers in critical areas that weren’t let go are quitting.

Advertisers will abandon the ship when they realize the platform is crashing too often. Love seeing Musk losing his ass with the takeover.

@trader_one @DepressedDove

Engineers are quitting the platform in droves after the mass layoffs. Twitter is trying to get as many as possible back without success. The platform will soon lose all functionality.

@imgprojts I just tried Fedsearch and they ended that project.

@yogthos if it becomes a mammoth (hopefully not) it could become ugly and cumbersome. I was seeing every third post in my Facebook news feed an advertisement, many of which were scams.

That’s why I am here instead of on Facebook.

@yogthos wow, that’s impressive having a wealth of journalists