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Among other things, I love that the EU has a presence on Mastodon: https://respublicae.eu/about and https://social.network.europa.eu/about , and not to mention it’s one of the funders of lemmy’s development, through https://nlnet.nl/ .

Putting money where the mouth is.


Sciences are a subset of philosophy.

They ask different questions.

Looks like a swan.

Lemmy. If malevolent.

Facebook. If benevolent.

Bforartists was a lifesaver for beginners back when Blender had horrible UI.

These days default Blender’s UI has been improved immensely, but BFA is still great, even though slightly less necessary.

One of the down sides for beginners is most of the tutorials are for regular Blender, but it’s close enough.

Everybody here seems nice and civil, and I like that. I have no complaints.

There’s the occasional spambot, but they quickly get banned by mods.

Or “le mutiny” for added zest, in line with lemmy’s revolutionary tendencies, mirite?

Jokes aside, I like community.

Edit: If cross-instance same-named multireddits are ever to become a thing, I’d be okay with those being called sublemmies (y’know, like lemmy.ml/c/cheese+cheese@beehaw.org+cheese@sopuli.xyz, kind of thing, all under /f/cheese).

Meme: Russia, not communism.

Yogthos: Communism.

Edit: Also, as well, selective. Give stats for the Baltics, Poland, Czechia, etc… ex-yu is irrelevant, as it’s about Russia, not communism. No offense, but it’s like you’re literally Mel Gibson in the meme. :P




“Attempts to duplicate the paradox of choice in other studies have had mixed success.” … "This phenomenon in particular has come under some criticism[3] due to increased scrutiny of scientific research related to the replication crisis and has not been adequately reproduced by subsequent research,[4] thereby calling into question its validity. "


I honestly don’t remember. I think I was actively looking for a federated reddit-like site, because I really liked the concept of a federated platform as an alternative to the monopolistic social media giants, and I stumbled upon a link to lemmy somewhere. The project seemed great and I stayed.

There is one system that could prevent mod abuse of communities and it would actually work, I think, but it’s not easy to implement with federation. Every user chooses their own mod of a community to “subscribe” to their moderation work. So, essentially, anybody could apply to become a mod, and do moderation work, but the only people that would see their moderation work would be the people that have “subscribed” to it. No need to move an entire community, just pick yourself a different mod.

This is of course, difficult to implement, particularly with federation, and the devs are already aware of the idea (it’s in the github issue linked by Dessalines).

Kubuntu. KDE Plasma is as Windows like as Mint’s Cinnamon but looks more modern and fresh, imo. And Kubuntu is Ubuntu so you get all the support from the large Ubuntu community.

I wish there was a Mint KDE distro.

She can test out different distros in her browser on https://distrotest.net/index.php

Really though, if she’s just gonna use it for text processing, web browsing and emailing it’s more about the DE than the distro.

Mint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Elementary, Fedora… should all be good choices.

I think it’s most important to teach her about the differences, no more exes, but instead repo, debs, appimages, flatpaks, and stuff like that. Watching those recent Linus videos might give you good insight in what differences might confuse her.

Beyond Meat vs Beef, a Detailed Comparison, University of Michigan
"The Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions, requires 46% less energy, has >99% less impact on water scarcity and 93% less impact on land use than a ¼ pound of U.S. beef."

This is what I was gonna say. In the simplest terms possible: unsolicited criticism = harassment.

Edit: And I’m gonna add, because I’m sure some people won’t understand, there’s such a thing as an unspoken agreement to getting criticism, for example, posting on a discussion forum means soliciting criticism. Running for office, means soliciting criticism. Seeking and pursuing influence over people, such as becoming and staying influential, a famous person, an “influencer”, a project lead, or whatever, means soliciting criticism.

Made with Maya and After Effects for animation production and VMD and Chimera for molecular data exploration.