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These advertisements are removed as spam (see modlog) so I’d report it as such

Everything with underscore behaves weirdly on Lemmy

literally shitpost

On one hand, it reaches more people, on the other hand, it’d be annoying if it is posted on several communities I subscribe to.

It’d be nice if Lemmy merge them. (Do they?)

The client API can be used to make it possible. There is a mirror bot on lotide, btw

deleted by creator

Mass surveillance
ethicless …


I think these comments would mention commenters of all parent comments, which could be annoying for Lemmy users.

I hope this does not mean I can no longer run it from Chromium.

Check .xinitrc if TERM or TERMINAL is set. If not, set it to xfce4-terminal

I filed a pull request to privacy-redirect to add this site.

Pretty sure Discord and YouTube should be out of this list. Even kids watch YouTube nowadays.

I enjoyed Le Petit Prince and Sans Famille.

Self-destructing pastebin could be less private than Signal, as they’re not encrypted on the server side. If you both know how to encrypt and decrypt, you can encrypt a text file yourself and send it. Otherwise, you’d have to end up trusting one service or another.

Did you make sure ports are open for torrent?

How is this spam? It’s just some kind of notice.

Nokia seems to be the only major manufacturer from the good old days that still make non-smartphone, and even so the options are limited. I can’t make any recommendation.

First post, just realized I can put text in image post unlike on Reddit…